Car insurance to buy these three on the line, the other Is to give money to the insurance company, Is not necessary

living in the rapid development of the national economy level has been a qualitative improvement, especially now, many people Will buy a Car as a means of transport, in addition, we Will buy a Car after Car insurance , so that, even if the traffic accidents on the road, can not protect our property losses, and of course, the insurance can not be buying them, older drivers Will tell their own views.

First, the first one kind of have to buy, Is the third liability insurance, liability insurance for thIs third, when the accident occurred, its role Is quite large, especially these days, more and more rich people, because if they hit a mIstake luxury Car, thIs time on the role of third liability insurance has highlighted out.

The second Is the non-deductible insurance, non-deductible insurance role, I believe we are quite aware of, especially in some accident, no deductible Insurance can also help us compensate 80% of the action, so that, even if a serious accident occurs on the road, the insurance company Will help us compensate 80% of the cost, thIs way, we can save a lot of money.

Another Is to pay high insurance, Car buyers should know, to pay compulsory insurance Is a must buy, but also the national compulsory to pay, of course, in the event of when a traffic accident, if a Car Is not purchased insurance to pay strong, Is found it Will be penalized and fined.

Personal view: the insurance class of motor vehicle, or more, including Car damage, wading insurance, theft insurance, etc., although these Car insurance can critical moment, play a role, but in general, or less than those of insurance, even used the first two years of premiums Will be increased, so that, as long as the purchase of three or more of insurance Is entirely possible, the other Is to give money to the insurance company.