Car insurance to buy these three on the line, the other can not buy, do not let the 4S shop fooled!

many of my friends know to shop around when it comes to buying a Car, and the configuration parameters of the Car are crystal clear, bright spot defects also clearer than salespeople, but wait until it Is time to buy insurance for the somewhat at a loss.

which the insurance to buy, what to buy the insurance Is useless, how much to buy it enough? Today, the old swimming to share with you.

Will be on the insurance

Is not deductible

recommends that you insure the best special non-deductible insurance. According to statIstics, the dangerous condition when the owners are the most used Is caustic danger insurance and third party liability insurance, insurance Is not deductible by special insurance, in both types of insurance in order to get what you should bear the loss of 100% compensation. Of course, for different insurance companies, not all of the additional rIsks are not deductible, as well as to buy non-deductible insurance as well as the owners themselves also bear part of the cost of “absolute deductible” and therefore, insurance experts reminded owners when buying Auto insurance must ask again choose to buy insurance.

to pay high insurance

compulsory insurance Is a national mandatory when the vehicle Is involved in an accident, paid the object Is the one hit, and payment amount Is limited to a maximum of 122,000 yuan

third party business liability insurance

thIs Is in addition to insurance compulsory insurance, the payment Is subject to others. In the accident, if the amount of compensation beyond the compulsory insurance payment limit, by the insurance company liable.

At present, the amount of compensation third party liability insurance provIsions of the insurance company has 5 million, 10 million, 150,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan and 100 million and 100 million yuan(CNY)(CNY).

key consideration insurance

Car damage

whether it Is new or has already opened two in the old Car, Car damage Is sure to on. Even if your driving skills and then stick, but as the saying goes, “afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event,” Paul touched himself one day, scraping, little bits and pieces going to the repair shop a lot of money, voted on Car damage do not worry.

There are numerous situations caustic danger Is not guaranteed, for example: spontaneous combustion vehicles, broken glass alone, body scratches, and the owner of the vehicle by water and againIgnition engine damage like.

vehicle liability insurance

liable for the insured vehicle traffic accident caused by the vehicle casualties. The amount of insurance Is also selected by the owner. From the current underwriting see, every seat of the insured amount to 10,000 to 50,000 yuan in the majority, the number of insured drivers and passengers generally do not exceed the approved number of seats covered vehicle.

daoqiangxian (installment loans Will go up)

pilfer, stands for the whole Car pilfer motor vehicles, motor vehicle entire vehicle pilfer liability insurance for the whole Car Is stolen, robbed, loss of vehicles Is being caused by the snatch and theft, he was robbed by the reasonable cost of damage or Car parts, loss of ancillary equipment needs to be repaired during the snatch.

the whole Car pilfer motor vehicle liability insurance consIsts of two parts: one Is due to theft, robbed, robbed the loss caused by the insured vehicle; the second Is due to the insured vehicle Is stolen, robbed, robbed reasonable expenses caused. Take responsibility for the cost of two parts by the insurance company in the amount of insurance compensation insurance vehicle entire vehicle Is stolen, robbed, robbed losses.

the following types of insurance, according to the case of vehicles to select

glass insurance

when the insured glass insurance, should be selected imported or domestically produced glass glass insurance insurance, premiums big difference between the two. As the domestic Auto glass quality and cheap, can and abroad comparable, so it can consider selecting domestic glass, so you can save about half of the insurance premiums. Some owners a regard to hIs Car, just like the original, it Is necessary to select imported glass, but if you do not pay attention to the type of insurance when the insured glass, the glass Will be known when the results of changing the insured rIsk Is that domestic glass, it Will give you great deal of trouble.

spontaneous combustion rIsk under

If the vehicle Is still in the warranty period, the manufacturer Is responsible for the occurrence of spontaneous combustion, note that in the absence of privately transformation of the original Car circuit premIse. If the warranty period to buy a spontaneous combustion rIsk, equivalent to repeat insured.

wading rIsk

ThIs Is an additional rIsk of the engine. If the vehicle Is flooding, because the owner again lead to ignition engine damage, do not lose thIs time Car damage, but wading insurance can pay.

scratches insurance

Is the additional rIsk of scratches Car damage insurance, i.e. loss insured vehicle insurance, scratches insurance can be insured. Scratches insurance full name of the body scratches loss insurance, family vehicles for personal use, non-commercial vehicles can be insured, refers to the period of insurance, insured vehicle collIsion occurred no significant traces of paint alone scratch the surface of the body, the insurance company liable for actual loss. Scratches insurance Is additional rIsk of loss of vehicle insurance, insurance that Is required in a case where only the insured vehicle damage insurance, can not be arranged separately.