Car insurance to buy these four might be able to, and more likely to be a waste of money to buy, you buy some?

a lot of novice drivers from driving school to get out of the driver’s license first thing Is to buy a Car, but they feel that their technology Is not, Will buy a variety of insurance, can not wait to buy are bought. In fact, buying insurance Is not only novice drivers would buy thIs insurance, many older drivers do not know how to buy the most appropriate insurance. In fact, Auto insurance buy the four perhaps you can, buy may be a waste of money! Then we can use to count four possible Car insurance. You bought some?

The first insurance Is very important third party liability insurance, when you hit someone else’s Car and Is your primary responsibility Is to the insurance company payment Will help you, but the specific amount of the payment of the insured amount depends on how much you buy, and that Is to buy much pay much less out of himself. Therefore, many owners Will buy 1 million or more of the sum insured, Wan accidentally hit luxury Car sellers may even lose enough, so thIs must buy the insurance, and you can buy some high.

The second Is that we often say that the insurance of Car damage, the role of insurance Is that your Car Is damaged in an accident more serious, the insurance company Is paid part of your repairs. For example, accidentally crashed into a tree or on the road by others to scrape a bit, if you buy thIs insurance, the insurance company Is required to undertake your maintenance costs.

A third insurance Is not deductible, there may be some friends do not know what Is not deductible, we could start with an analogy for example, you rear-end someone else’s luxury Car need to compensate thousands, and you buy a certain amount of non-deductible, the insurance company paid the corresponding proportion of the required amount, and the rest Is up to you themselves, the role of non-deductible In fact, relatively large.

A fourth traffic regulations every Car insurance Is a must buy insurance – to pay high insurance, because they do not pay high insurance Will not buy Will give you a new Car on the Card, if you’re not Willing to buy insurance to pay strong, that’s all right, just waiting to be driving down the road traffic police fine points of it,Traffic police also have the right to impound your vehicle oh. To evaluate whether a Car Is bought to pay high insurance Is very simple, it Is the former front windshield there Is a strong rIsk of a sign of the cross, if you buy to pay high insurance Is not attached to the glass, on the road to be found in the traffic police Is not labeled, Will also be Oh, fine.