Car insurance to buy these four just fine, others are a waste of money, do not be fooled member of the insured

Car insurance to buy these four just fine, others are a waste of money, do not be fooled insured members

have a Car of friends all know that once buy after going to the Car to buy Car insurance, the main reason for buying insurance Is to reduce the losses on the owners of some unexpected, but not everything that Is good insured, the insurance Is not the same as each have their own Car. There are many owners said, in fact, bought the following four kinds of Car insurance Is enough, others are a waste of money, next time do not be fooled insured members.

The first: commercial third party liability insurance. We often say that the three insurance Is such insurance, and such insurance are the main types of insurance against third party other than the owner and the insurance company, the role of insurance Is very strong, and if the main compensation when accidents happen Is borne by the insurance company, the owner Is not required to bear any fees, and payment available up to 300,000, 500,000 and 1 million, such a large amount of compensation Is still relatively high.

The second: strong insurance. Compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, Is referred to pay high insurance. For many owners of such insurance must be mandatory for all purchases, but thIs insurance knowledge for some minor traffic accident, when once the lingua franca Will appear fine, but Is far from a major traffic accident on not enough, but as compulsory insurance, it Is essential, you must buy.

Third: Car damage. Generally I would recommend you buy caustic danger, the main purpose Is to prevent the vehicle from being scratched some drivers do not pay attention when driving down the road, then the Auto insurance you can get paid a certain amount of Cars on the road now increasingly the more, believe it Will happen rub etc., so buy thIs insurance Is also very cost-effective.

Fourth: excluding special insurance deductible. For thIs insurance, some of the Car’s friends often quite useful, under normal circumstances, after the two sides agreed to Carry out the terms of payment, what if the accident Will be paid enough by the conditions on the terms.

Finally, there are some special types of insurance, such as spontaneous combustion rIsk, wading insurance, scratches insurance, pilfer, etc. These insurance Is mainly Carried out for different owners paid, practicality should be based on individual, but the above mentioned several insurance Is certain to need to buy other types of insurance you need to buy a little big.