Car insurance to buy these four Is enough, one more smart people do not buy! Do not be fooled

I believe that many riders after buying the Car, the first thing Is to buy Auto insurance. But for many novice drivers, what to buy Auto insurance Is a screenwriters problem! So many novice riders silly to buy a variety of Auto insurance mess of a bunch of results to the last one would not open! Not only a waste of money, but also a waste of energy. But in fact, many new owners do not know how to buy, but do not know what to buy and what not to buy, because in order to get commIssion salesperson Will let you buy your own never heard a different insurance plan so that you have the Car not open nor come in handy, Car insurance do not be fooled. In fact, enough to buy four, one more smart people do not buy! Do not be fooled.

1, strong insurance. Since all rIsks Is not recommended, which have Auto insurance to buy it? First of all, it Is to pay high insurance, thIs Is a mandatory requirement. Once a traffic accident occurred a form of protection of victims, including personal injury and property damage. Although the uniform provIsions, but depending on the specific vehicle seats, pay Is not the same. 2, non-deductible insurance. Non-deductible insurance Is a more important additional additional insurance, then buy thIs insurance, the insurance company Will in the event of an accident, be full compensation. Such as the need for compensation in 1000, as required by the insurance company only 80% of thIs compensation, total compensation may be 800, then the 200 Is that the owners themselves! If your vehicle to buy non-deductible insurance, then the insurance company that in addition to compensation for 800, the rest of the 200 insurance companies have to bear!

3, Car damage. What Car damage insurance, we can interpret it thIs way, third party liability insurance Is to pay someone else, then lost hIs caustic danger Is that, if your Car accident, and such Car was scraped in the street, or own Car accidentally drove into a tree, and thIs time all can make the insurance company to compensate, but in most cases the owner Is not required to bear the cost of the insurance so thIs Is quite important. 4, third party liability insurance. ThIs Is the amount of insurance must be purchased, if they make mIstakes in the course of driving, the Car accidentally rubs to other, third party liability insurance thIs time to play its role in the. Many users feel that their driving skills are slip, do not need to buy third party liability insurance, in fact, driving skills do not slip and slideNot what they say counted. Now both are on the road luxury Cars, Wan accidentally rubs that are lost can not pay.

After reading these four Insurance expert analysIs, basically a very good protection against security personnel, the owner need not worry himself with be in big trouble, but experts said last; some insurance on the vehicle some are not small, but the glass insurance, scratches insurance, etc., Is not really useful for Car owners, it Is to buy a deal with them too much, At that time a variety of routines Will come out, thIs Is the owner must be Careful!