Car insurance to buy only these three? Basically sit real you are wIse, older drivers: the going gets a little loss

Car insurance to buy only these three? Basically sit real you are wIse, older drivers: eat a little loss

Car thIs thing although there are many benefits, but for the people who really have a Car Is concerned, the Car was good but most people that it Is not a small Car costs unacceptable. Although now very fuel-efficient family Car, but a year down the Car at all cost a lot, but if the case of Car failure or an accident, have to say not only to repair their own Cars, but also other people’s money to repair Car. In thIs regard, many people Will choose to buy a Car insurance, Car insurance, but only buy these three? Basically sit real you are wIse, older drivers: eat a little loss!

The first: strong insurance. Traffic Insurance Needless to say that thIs thing Is in fact, the owners are aware that it Is a must buy insurance, if they do not buy never let the road. However, due to the small amount of claims of thIs insurance, many people Will choose to buy a business insurance on extra!

The second: liability insurance. For the benefit of the insurance Is bought after their owners after the accident can dIspense large amounts of compensation, the insurance company Will help you need to pay compensation. But now many owners Will buy 500,000 for the three provinces, in fact, the owners have no need to save money, buy one million of the three only guarantee!

Third: excluding free. The three insurance insurance Is additional insurance, which can be exempted from liability borne by the owner, all the expenses Will be borne by all insurance companies, they say white Is an accident owners do not dig a penny, even if he Is fully responsible insurance company We Will help you to pay money to the people.

buy insurance and buy only those three basic sit real you Is a wIse man, and together the three of insurance did not have much money, eat a little deficit! In addition to insurance, Car owners best not to buy because of little use, but there are still pits everywhere, especially scratches insurance. ThIs appears to be able to help the owners of insurance waivers repair scratches, but be aware that the use of the cost Will go up again next year renewal of a part, the more you use the renewal costs Will be more expensive. So the insurance company Is not eat rice, the ownerFor such a small scratch their body, their own cost-effective than repairing never go insurance. If you really do not want to spend hundreds of dollars to repair, then in the evening to buy an up painting-it-yourself repair, are up painting the same thing using the original paint color, color Issues Will not exIst after use, the most the key Is simple to repair does not cost a thing. So the owners were able to get hands-up paint Is no need to waste money, it could save a sum that sum, up painting thIs kind of thing for such a small scratch rub, repair it, let alone completely, easy color does not exIst!