Car insurance three pit, older drivers for your doubts, so you lose less time to buy insurance for the car

not full insurance

for determining the sum insured Car, a wIse choice Is full insurance, Is the actual value of the vehicle number on how much insurance, once the dangerous condition caused by damage to the entire vehicle can be full payment, eliminating worries. However, some people save some premium, not at full insurance. That clearly point Is a value of 20 million Cars, insurance companies Will also clarify the situation, but they still insIst on insurance 100,000 yuan insured amount. Such a practice may save a point premium, but if after an accident resulting in damage to the vehicle, Will not get paid in full, because it was the only guarantee you a whole Car half the value of the property.


and not full insurance contrary, some people obviously in the hands of a low-end Car market new purchase price of less than $ 80,000 has chosen to self-made advocated over-insured, the insurance of non-rated at 18 million, mIstakenly believe that you can spend more money when the vehicle accident “high claims,” ​​in fact, thIs Is wIshful thinking. Insurance provIsions must be strictly based on the actual loss of the dangerous condition of the Car at the time of the dangerous condition of the vehicle to assess the damage. In other words, your Car worth only 80,000 yuan, the highest paid only 80,000 yuan, can not go against the actual value of the insured property.

overlapping insurance

Some people mIstakenly think that as much life insurance as Car insurance can more than get several insurance claims, thIs view Is obviously wrong. The subject matter insured property insurance Is property insurance amount of the exact sciences, the insurance value of the property number Is the number, not free to change the room. Look at an example, an imported Cars worth 40 million, you have full insurance amount of 400,000 yuan insurance in an insurance company, then the Car even if there Is a total loss, the maximum payment can not exceed $ 400,000. An insurance policy to bear the rIsk of liability to compensate the losses Will be able to meet the security vehicle; even if you insure more than an insurance policy at the same time another insurance company have no practical significance.