Car insurance “three must buy” insurance, older drivers are so Paul

other than to pay high insurance vehicle must be purchased to remove, commercial insurance has also long been in US popularity each year to the insurance contract period, the major insurance companies have to call, most people come to thIs time do not know how to choose, small insurance companies cheaper premiums, gifts and more, although the big insurance companies also have gifts, but a higher premium, then we really how to choose it?

In saying that we should determine the significance of commercial insurance that exIsted before how to choose, our daily road Carloads of people, can not avoid the cut rub and accidents, accidents in the future, and full responsibility for their own case, not only to Carry out third-party liability, but also to repair their own Cars, less the amount of compensation due to pay high insurance commitment beyond by business’s insurance policy, so that the purchase of commercial insurance Is still very necessary

according to the current maintenance standards and casualty claims paid in the Automotive industry, personal summed up three must in addition pay high insurance other than buy insurance, that Is, Car damage insurance, three insurance, non-deductible , which Is not deductible can be used as additional insurance can also be used as a basic insurance, we analyze in detail.

three insurance (full name: third party liability insurance) mainly for third-party vehicle insurance companies and other than compensation, it the sum insured may be selected in accordance with the city, generally between 0.5-2.0 million (similar to New York highest insurable 6 million), if you are traveling in the more prosperous cities, I suggest you insure more than 1 million, because the big cities luxury Car a few, similar to the Rolls-Royce and Bentley luxury Car that just need a rub down one hundred thousand, if a large area of ​​the collIsion, maintenance costs more than a million very easily.

and in accordance with national law, in the event of casualties, 60 were paid in accordance with persons under the age of 20 times in the first half of wages, such as the age of the deceased eligible, the monthly basic salary 5000 , payment amount Is 5000 * 6 * 20 = 600,000, but also not the other additional mental anguIsh fees.

Car damage MainPayment accident damaged vehicle insured, the insurance three insurance can choose not insured, but new Car purchase price depreciation rate according to the calculated formula Is new Car purchase price × (1- monthly depreciation rate * use a few months), the following nine buses monthly depreciation rate of about 0.6%, such as a new Car purchase price of 10 million Cars, driving the price of two years after depreciation 100,000 * (1-0.6% * 24) = 85,600 yuan, the highest damage a vehicle paid 85,600 yuan, when the insured vehicle Is scrapped due to an accident or repair costs exceed the amount of time, directly paid 85,600 yuan, if the price Is lower than the maintenance costs Will be in proportion to responsibility compensation.

Is not deductible (full name: special clause excluding franchIse), because Auto insurance liability, the Che Sunxian and there are insurance deductible of 5% -20% of the responsibility for thIs part of the compensation costs required to bear the owner himself, but after buying the insurance, thIs part of the liability can be transferred to the insurance company, you can get more payment amount, so that not deductible can be used as one of the three must buy insurance.

general Car damage insurance, three insurance, excluding deductible Is that we have to buy insurance, you can maximize our own interests, According to around 150,000 vehicles a minimum concessions need only 3,000 yuan to succeed, calculated according to 3500 yuan, ten years has only 35,000 yuan, and accident compensation costs slightly larger than thIs can more than thirty thousand dollars Oh, of course, also Auto insurance there pilfer, glass insurance, wading insurance, and so there Is a need or a conditional recommend all rIsks insured.

The last suggestion Is not to take any cheap choose a small insurance company, claims its speed Is far less than large companies, and many indemnification provIsions can be detrimental to your personal interests, after all, a sub money for a half.