Car insurance so much, in fact, the novice Will buy four no worries!

Car insurance are: to pay high insurance, three insurance, Car damage, insurance seat, pilfer, glass insurance, insurance spontaneous combustion, scratches insurance, insurance wading, not deductible like. But in fact not everyone can play its due role of insurance, most insurance money just let the insurance company earned white.

However, several of insurance, or necessary to buy.

to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance full name of “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, Is victims of road traffic accidents resulting in personal insurance company by the occurrence of the insured motor vehicle (not including the vehicle and the insured persons) casualties, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance.

such insurance can be said to “buy for someone else.” When an accident causing injury or damage to property of others, it can be a certain amount of compensation to the victims.

be forced to buy such insurance, or even the Cars are not able to open.

three insurance

also with three insurance to pay to others, how much amount Is generally look to buy their own, we recommend a minimum of 20 million or more, if the economy allows the recommended 500,000 or 1 million. Just hundreds of pieces of things, but the crucial moment, buy more or buy less when buying insurance, differences began to unravel.


insurers generally have their franchIse. If you buy non-deductible, then that would have made hIs own pocket money, due to the non-deductible insurance companies has become a bear.

These three insurance for older drivers, most completely enough. But if the novice driver, you also need to purchase below thIs one.

Car damage

As the driving unskilled novice, Will inevitably cause the Car crash scratch. ThIs time Car damage that played a role.

So, how do you buy Car insurance, there are ideas yet?