Car insurance so much, but the novice to buy enough of these four types of insurance, while older drivers only need to buy 3

Is our Car insurance when buying a Car have to buy, but there are many types of insurance, thIs time we need to make a choice. ThIs time, the salesman of the Russian effort began to unravel on you all kinds of Fudge, a hold out, Will waste money. So in the end what to buy the insurance, what the insurance do not buy it? Here we give the Car inventory in 2019 Will buy insurance!

1, to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance full name of “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance” by insurance companies the occurrence of the insured motor vehicle road traffic accident caused by the victim (not including the vehicle and the insured person) personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance.

such insurance can be said to “buy for someone else.” When an accident causing injury or damage to property of others, it can be a certain amount of compensation to the victims. They are forced to buy such insurance, or even the Cars are not able to open.

2, three insurance

Is also used to pay for other people, limits to see how high you buy but recommended that at least 20 million or more, the economy allows it, it Is best to buy 500,000 or even 1 million. Usually spend a few hundred dollars to buy more, the critical moment comes into play, you Will find 200 000 and 500 000, 500 000 and 1 million in the end there Is much difference.

3, non-deductible insurance

non-deductible insurance Is commercial insurance after an additional insurance, the owner insured the insurance, liability insurance company Will be responsible for 20% of thIs should be in charge of the insured.

4, caustic danger

buying a Car damage should be determined according to the value of the vehicle and vehicle age , certainly a little better Car to buy, because maintenance Is really high, especially imported vehicles. Best buy a new Car, a new Car after all dIstressed bumps, the Car can be more than 5 yearsTo consider not buying thIs time Car damage cost Is not high.