Car insurance should pay attention to, these three types of auto insurance the most useless, Is to give money to the insurance company

due to the economic level of people in recent years has improved a lot, so buy a Car also Is not difficult, and most owners buy a Car at the same time, we Will buy insurance for their Car, so that in the event of a number of traffic accidents, insurance companies can come forward to compensate for us, allowing us to minimize the economic losses, but basically, some drivers about their driving skills are not very confident, even a lot of people directly bought all rIsks.

However, some older drivers represent: a novice driver in just the first year to buy a Car, buy all rIsks or absolutely no problem, but later If it Is time to buy a full insurance really Is not necessary, and these old driver said, there are several safety Is the most useless among the many Auto insurance, and even the driver to buy such insurance, even if the open Car to be scrapped, basically it Will not be compensated.

First, the first one kind of insurance that Is spontaneous combustion rIsk, we all know, a Car or consumables, and over time there Will be large and small problems, a lot of people when buying insurance are insurance salesman’s advice, it Is now in some hot weather, the Car Is likely to happen in the case of spontaneous combustion, so many people have bought the spontaneous combustion rIsk, but we need to know, If a Car spontaneous combustion spontaneous combustion because the Car Is put some inflammable substance caused, insurance companies Will not be compensation.

the first two kinds of insurance that scratches insurance, we all know, a Car’s finIsh Is still very susceptible to damage, but in most people’s view, in order to prevent being cut rub their Cars, many drivers Will choose scratches insurance, but some of the old driver told us, a condition which scratches insurance in force or demanding that the owners must find the perpetrators before they can be paid, should the otherwIse , the insurance company Is every reason to refuse, and most importantly, if the scratches insurance enters into force, the second year of the premium Will increase a lot.

The third Insurance that Is pilfer, Car theft situation a few years previous still uncommon, but recent years, U.S.’s lawMore perfect law, and in many regions there has been a large number of electronic cameras, so the case of a stolen Car Is still relatively rare, and now Car prices cheaper, basically no one would choose to steal Car.

personal opinion: more than these types of insurance for many drivers, it really Is absolutely no need to buy, but to be honest, to buy three Insurance Is actually nothing more than give money to the insurance company nothing.