Car insurance should buy or find in the 4S shop to buy their own insurance company? Do you know the difference?

many owners always have a thinking, but I felt 4S shop expensive, cheating, 4S shop can not do the project Is not in the 4S shop to do. 4S shop a lot of maintenance projects Will be more expensive than the price really quick repair shop, which Is due to its material and operating costs of the decIsion. That insurance, what differences do not in the 4S shop? Car insurance should buy or find in the 4S shop to buy their own insurance company? Do you know the difference?

Accordingly buy insurance in the 4S shop actually inside the price difference to the insurance company and the purchase Will not be much, because even the 4S shop inside the insurance policy and the amount of money Insurance companies are establIshed, 4S shop itself Is no chance of their own pricing. So there was no case to make more money. While your premiums 4S shop, free gift more for maintenance and vehicle-related. However, when the vehicle repair shop 4S can do to help. Small scratch small rub some do not report the insurance 4S shop also help repair.

to purchase the insurance company direct insurance, such as Car phone, the biggest advantage Is the price. Of course, the insurance company Will sell as much as possible to the owners of all types of insurance, or in order to keep the price down to sell some of the conditional insurance, which requires an experienced old driver clear view of the insurance policy. Auto insurance staff can recommend the specific circumstances of the customer only under the line, each of the insurance Is best able to meet the actual situation of the customer to design.

smart customer, if you consider that just a little money in front of Auto insurance savings, Auto insurance can choose an insurance company, but customers Will still be a lot of smart select Auto insurance in the 4S shop, because they can help save you peace of mind, and services more step. Insurance in the 4S shop, then a number of maintenance claims Will be relatively convenient.

Finally remind you that once your Car out of the traffic accident, the first time to notify the insurance company, and then the police because you’re waiting for the police comes, perhaps there Will be other accidents, generally speaking, the insurance companies out of the police Is always better than the police to hurry a little, Is not it? If you are in the 4S shop to buy Auto insurance, then rescue them even more convenient.