Car insurance should be how to choose? When Will continue? After reading it understand!

As owners, in addition to the daily parking fees, fuel costs, toll fees, they must buy Car insurance every year on time. Because According to relevant regulations, vehicles must have insurance on the road. Once they insure, they Will face not only traffic fines, accidents Will also assume all losses.

However, for many new Car owners, they were forced in the first year in the 4S shop to buy all rIsks, but many eventually found essentially useless. Therefore, in the second year of updates, we should buy it like thIs, more equal money!

and in accordance with driving conditions and accidents the previous year, generally divided into the following categories: Car damage insurance Traffic Insurance + + +, excluding third party liability insurance deductible

thIs insurance plan Is the choice of most owners, they often drive yourself to work, there Is a good environment of use of the vehicle, occasionally traveling by Car during the holidays.

ultra-low price of insurance Is conditional. In addition, at the time of renewal, not only look at price, but also considering the following aspects: Auto insurance settlement rate, quality indicators closed period, insurance claims services, whether the damage mechanIsm covering small cities. Because once we get out of danger, the most important thing Is to ensure the safety personnel arrived at the scene a short time, and to assIst in dealing with incidents.

The best time of renewal Is long? It Is noteworthy that, if the policy renewal, the first year of the insurance has not expired, although the cost Will not affect the second year, third year, but renewed insurance could face premium increases affect. For example, your Car insurance Will expire in August 2020, you Will be renewal in May 2020. But in June 2020 the Car out of danger, and thIs time the number of accidents included in the 2020 policy, which Will have 2020 insurance renewal impact.

Therefore, we generally recommend two weeks in advance of renewal, renewal three months in advance Is not necessary. In addition, many insurance companies now provide regular reminder service for the owners.