Car insurance should be how to buy? Third party really want to buy one million it? The answers are in thIs

With the increasing number of Cars, a lot of people have dedicated their own means of transport. With its accompanying Car peripheral products on more and more vehicles commercial insurance Is actually one of them. As we all know, buying a Car now have to give the Car insurance, in addition to the necessary cross-strong insurance, commercial insurance Is a lot of Car owners choose. However, the face of complex commercial insurance, many owners do not know how to buy.

Under normal circumstances, the owner Will buy commercial insurance Is Car damage insurance and third party liability insurance, meaning that occurs when the Car Is damaged, or accidentally hit after the other Cars, you do not need to spend a huge amount of Car repairs, as long as enough insurance coverage, can be fully borne by the insurance company. Third party insurance, depending on the insured amount, the amount Is not the same for many older drivers who buy 500,000 Is enough, but there are a lot of people Will choose the sum insured 1 million, really need a third party to buy such a high ?

from the insurance point of view, three insurance 500,000 yuan in 1600, while the three insurance cost 1 million Is about 2100 yuan, a difference of 500 yuan insurance costs on the insured amount, but worse than doubled. We know that increasing the Car, and let traffic accidents also increased. As the saying goes, often in the river walk, how can we avoid wet shoes? If the day really hit the luxury Car, the insured amount of 500,000 Is clearly not enough, if it Is a 7.8 million Car repairs, the owner has to bear the cost of more than 200,000, so the pressure Is enormous. In other words, three insurance can actually buy a little high.

then other types of insurance do? Like glass insurance, scratches insurance, grab theft insurance etc. These types of insurance can be based on their driving environment. Let’s say your parking place children more, you can buy a scratch insurance, you can let the Car remain beautiful. Another example Is in the law and order situation was chaotic, grab theft insurance Is very important. However, in general, the lower the frequency of use of these insurance, if you do not have the above concerns can not be bought.

of insurance Is to take preventive measures, with the enhancement of people’s sense of urgency, the insurance also increasingly popular Car insurance for everyone What do you think of it? Welcome to comment belowOh the message.