Car insurance should be how to buy? Remember these points, no longer afraid of being fucked!

With the improvement of quality of life, every family may own a Car, in addition to the daily fuel and maintenance costs, you have to pay for Car insurance every year. Car insurance Is divided into two categories: pay high insurance and commercial insurance, and business insurance and insurance Is divided into four categories dozen additional insurance types. Type of insurance Is not only troublesome, driving habits, area, vehicle type and other factors also affect the choice of Auto insurance. If you do not buy, you can not do that, if you buy, you are afraid to buy expensive mIstake. So, today I Will teach you how to buy Auto insurance Is reasonable.

First of all, we recommend to buy common program for the new Car drivers. New drivers driving less experience, accounting for one-third the year before the accident. Therefore, we need to be more comprehensive in the Car insurance protection. Recommendation: Traffic Insurance + + Car damage insurance third party liability insurance vehicle officers liability insurance + + + glass breakage alone can not find a third-party special insurance; however, the price of thIs program Is too high.

In addition, in the case of smashed glass face encounter caustic danger can not be paid, the paint has been scratched or hit by a Car I can not find the perpetrators so the situation Is also guaranteed. The whole plan Is more comprehensive.

In addition, third party liability insurance and liability insurance shipboard personnel need to purchase appropriate insurance; with the increase in the number of local tyrants, personal injury compensation for the more price higher and higher. Third party liability insurance best buy 100 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), while the amount of vehicle officers liability insurance of the best were selected 20,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan drivers passengers.

For older drivers, we Will recommend cost-effective solution! Recommendation: Traffic Insurance + Car damage +100 Wan + does not allow third party liability insurance compensation; old drivers have a wealth of driving experience, the higher the probability of rIsk aversion in everyday driving, so just choose the most important type of insurance can be !

In addition to the recommendations for the new and old drivers, but also need to purchase some additional rIsks according to the actual situation: more than three years old Car may need to purchase spontaneous combustion rIsk. The whole Car pilfer too controversial, can not recommend to buy, not only when the entire CarMet, the insurance company to compensate.

recommended to buy wading insurance in rainy typhoon coastal cities or regions. Car damage insurance can not compensate for losses due to engine inlet, so if you frequently drive in areas where water Is easy to buy water-related insurance Is a very good choice. However, after wading stop driving, the vehicle may not start again. OtherwIse, the insurance company Will not compensate for any loss, accident must identify yourself!

Master summary : In addition, there are several relatively rare type of insurance, namely mental harm comfortable insurance, compensation insurance during the repair, designated repair shop insurance, liability insurance and Cargo on board new equipment damage insurance, these types of insurance required under the circumstances to buy, if not daily purchase in these areas, but also a waste of money.