Car insurance should be how to buy? Old driver Reminder: these four are taking money after bad!

surely riders also have such a sense, when we buy a Car, just in case, to avoid traffic accidents occur when there Is no compensation, so when buying a Car, usually choose a few kind of Car insurance. From the practical effect Is that when the owner of a traffic accident, Car insurance Is really useful, but some owners have some doubts, some Car insurance feel useless, money wasted. So how did you buy Car insurance? Old driver also remind owners, there are four kinds of Car insurance Is to take money after bad, usually with less.

The first of the most mIsleading Is easily scratches insurance. We drove in among the usual process, because traffic Is relatively large, the environment and traffic congestion Is very easy, there Will inevitably be bumps situation appears, at thIs time if the Car accidentally scratched, it can ask the insurance company for compensation, but the price generally not too high, there Is a hundred dollars, but also to raIse premiums, so doing, not as their own repair shop for maintenance to look at it, so there are some scratches insurance tasteless.

Is the second type of glass breakage alone. ThIs Car insurance Is the emergence of major breakage of glass for Cars, but thIs Car insurance Is very strict, payment conditions are very harsh. Only when the Automotive glass breakage alone Will be paid, if the window or door panels of a similar type of damage, that Is, except for the window glass, there are still other parts of the damage, the insurance company may refuse claims. ThIs Is the most useless kind of Car insurance.

A third rIsk Is wading. ThIs kind of Car insurance lIsten to the name can be seen only when the Car was trapped in the stagnant water among the possible payment. But for most Car owners Will not have thIs experience. And if we really unfortunate encounter such a situation, there are many owners Will try to start the Car ignition several times, but thIs Is not allowed, because the engine compartment Is likely water, thIs time if the Car starts, it may lead to engine damage . If the insurance company adjusters that such a situation may be rejected claims.

The last Is a pilfer. In small series, which Is four kinds of Auto insurance among most useless kind of Car insurance, and now our security management Is in place, a variety of monitoring equipment Is also very complete, even if there really Is stealing behavior, words are a timely warning be able to recover in time. Moreover, thIs rare case of a hundred years, almost less than. Therefore, in accordance with the idea of ​​small series, these so-called Car insurance, in fact, are some of the routines insurance companies, the purpose Is to make money, the practical effect Is not large, you see how the riders it?

should be how to buy Car insurance? Old driver Reminder: these four are taking money after bad!