Car insurance should be how to buy? How the insurance company and talking after the accident, we should memorize!

now the Car has become necessary in our life vehicles, many people when buying a Car in the 4S Will point to Car insurance, the next morning routine 4S shops and insurance companies, what should we do buy the insurance ? After all, more and more vehicles, the probability of an accident Is also increasing.

Is the first strong insurance. Traffic Insurance Is a national compulsory insurance must be purchased, any vehicle owners must purchase, at the time of the insured vehicle accidents can be some protection for the interests of the victim, but also reduces the rIsk of drivers. If you do not purchase insurance to pay strong, the owner can not pass vehicle inspection, but also can not buy other buy commercial Auto insurance.

Second, third party liability insurance. When the vehicle Is involved in an accident, when damage personal property and material property of a third party, the insurance company Will indemnify the insured person’s financial responsibility, for our good degree of protection insurance, the rIsk for vehicles, play a greater role than to pay high insurance.

The third special insurance Is not deductible. The insurance only after the purchase of the main rIsk to buy, there are many of them primary insurance deductible clause, as long as the purchased insurance, you can supplement our compensation if the accident loss 10W yuan, which Is not compensable 2W yuan , with the non-deductible insurance, we can still get 10W yuan compensation insurance Moreover, thIs year there Is only 100 yuan.

There are other types of insurance, such insurance Is not necessary, indicating a supplement include Car damage insurance, vehicle liability insurance, pilfer and so on, we accident in the future, in addition to the alarm Will notify the insurance company, and when we talk to the insurance company or call, when some words must not say.

The first sentence: point are several sub-train Will not start. ThIs sentence usually occurs after the Car the water intake system was flooded Car engine start state Will turn off, we may try the ignition again, not knowing that not only does not start the Car ignition again, but also seriously damage the engine.

The second sentence: I did not bring a driver’s license. Do not driveDriving with a driver’s license Is an offense if a traffic accident occurs at thIs time, when the police out of the police record of the time you do not bring a driver’s license, insurance companies call the police record, the record Will see reason no compensation insurance. It must be sent to the family as quickly as a driver’s license.

The third sentence: A few days ago the Car was hit. Terms of the contract the insurance company has provided for more than 48 hours after the accident, the insurance company under the relevant terms of the contract can be refused to pay compensation. So be sure to keep the insurance company related to the regional head clear at the time the accident occurred within 48 hours.

techniques and dealing with insurance companies a lot, we must understand that thIs Will determine whether the amount of the claim and the insurance company Will claim.