Car insurance should be how the election? Vehicle AdminIstration: enough with the election of these three types of insurance

the moment the Car has become our daily travel necessary for transport, to our travel brings great convenience, but when we go to 4s shops to buy the vehicle later, not directly on the road, late you Will need to pay purchase tax, insurance. So after all the whole business Is run, driven on the road was not a touch traffic rules, but for many Car owners, Car insurance costs are also spending a small fortune, that when we give into the Car Insurance how should you choose? It Is not really like the 4s shop sales consultants say, should the whole rIsk? The Vehicle AdminIstration to remind Car owners, when we give into their vehicle insurance, only need to choose three of the following types of insurance on it. Next, let’s take a look at whether what they are?

Car insurance should be how to choose? Vehicle AdminIstration: the election of these three types of insurance suffice

The first must buy insurance, Is our traffic compulsory insurance, the insurance must be purchased, and with certain mandatory if we do not buy it, the vehicle Will not be on the road, forced road traffic rules would be tantamount to touch the face penalty points and fines, in fact, thIs insurance, even though the amount of claims Is relatively small, but its usefulness very strong, even if there have been some cases virtually scratch, the insurance company still Will still claims, so the owners are not too ignore thIs insurance. After all, since it exIsts, it must have its reasons.

The second Is our three Auto insurance liability insurance for other insurance, thIs insurance Is very practical, most owners Will choose to buy, because difficult to ensure that when on the road, it does not trigger a traffic accident, and now the growing number of vehicles on the road, traffic conditions and more complex, if we are not Careful to touch the other vehicles in the future, the three began to play the role of liability insurance the amount of compensation it Is very large, sometimes even touching some of the luxury Cars, but also fully capable of pay, greatly reducing the pressure on drivers.

The third Is the non-deductible insurance, insurance thIs specialized, but the same practical effect Is very strong, while with the above two conditions, i.e. as the owner saysIf want to buy thIs insurance, then, it must first pay Will only be after the compulsory insurance and third party liability insurance to buy. Compared with the above two Auto insurance, thIs insurance Is an additional safeguard, once the accident, the insurance company paid the full amount Will appear. When insurance companies in some areas of the re-entry of insurance, but also comes with other requirements.

When we buy a vehicle, just the bare prices have tens of thousands of dollars of expenses, Is spending a small fortune plus Some insurance costs on the latter part of the expenditure of thIs section also not be underestimated, when we do go to the vehicle insurance, there must be assertive, do not blindly lIsten to some of the rhetoric sales consultant directly into a fully comprehensive insurance, in fact, the owners into more, higher sales consultants take the raIse achievement, they Will naturally suggest that you buy all rIsks. But we spend our money.

Summary: the moment of Car ownership continues to increase, while on the road, some unexpected situation can easily occur if there Is no Car insurance, then, to Once the time Is a touch of luxury Cars, the amount of the claim Is very high, we probably Will not be paid with insurance Is equivalent to have a guarantee, but that does not mean we have to enter all rIsks insurance the effect Is to bring the best steel in the blade, critical time can apply, more than three completely sufficient for these three Auto insurance, readers and friends, on your vehicle if it has been selected? Leave a comment below and we explore together, thanks for reading.