Car insurance salesman: Freeze buy auto insurance, buy these four Is enough to guarantee complete and cost-effective

REVIEW: Car insurance salesman: Freeze buy Auto insurance, buy these four Is enough to guarantee complete and cost-effective!

Car insurance Is a very important Car derivative “products”, and can be considered closely related to our vehicles. Tips: content relatively dry, there may be a literal sense of fatigue attention to it for the novice to buy Auto insurance two errors Will occur!!! Motor vehicle insurance that Is Car insurance (Auto insurance for short), Is liable for personal injury or property damage due to natural dIsasters or motor vehicle accident caused by a commercial insurance.

(1) blindly select all rIsks (2) over-emphasIs on saving sell compulsory insurance (Traffic Insurance) face of such a complex Auto insurance, how to according to their ? choose the most appropriate mix it with everyone Here’s to popularize Auto insurance how to buy only the most cost-effective: motor vehicle insurance that Is “Auto insurance”, based on the motor vehicle itself and third party liability insurance subject of a means of transportation insurance.

“1” Is to pay high insurance compensation to others, such as you hit people, crashed or something else in addition to your Car, you can compensation, but the amount Is not high. To pay compulsory insurance must be purchased, or can not pass the examination. Their insurance customers, primarily motor vehicles with a variety of corporate groups and individuals; its subject matter insured, mainly various types of vehicles, but also including trams, Car batteries and other special vehicles and motorcycles.

third party insurance Is compulsory insurance to pay a supplement, and it Is paid to the people responsible to pay high insurance exceeds the compensation limit of section “2.” According to the current socio-economic environment, third party insurance Is recommended to insure the insured amount of one million! Motor vehicle insurance Is a kind of property insurance. Also known as Car insurance. It Is based on third party liability motor vehicle and motor vehicle itself Is the subject matter insured a means of transportation insurance.

“3” both of which are used to pay before caustic danger to others, and Car damage insurance Is used to pay for their own. For example in their own storage when accidentally hit the wall, the bottom was damaged, and that then you can go to the insurance company to compensate the loss. In addition, most of the vehicles losses caused by natural dIsasters, Car damageAlso be paid in. To pay high insurance, travel tax Is a national compulsory insurance, Cars on the road Will need to buy.

Other commercial insurance, choose their own purchased separately. Strong insurance new regulations: strong insurance cost = (1 + an) X950, where n represents the number of Cars of dangerous condition, an rates representative of the positive and negative values. That Is the more dangerous condition, the higher the cost of next year to pay high insurance, the highest pay high insurance rates Is 1.3, the lowest of 0.7, it makes it possible to know the maximum cost to pay high insurance to pay 1235 yuan, the lowest just 665 yuan to pay high fees.

“4” non-deductible insurance vehicle owners generally have to buy Auto insurance after the deductible 20% interest rate. If you are in a traffic accident fully responsible parties, to bear the loss of $ 100,000, then your insurance company Will only pay you $ 80,000 deductible 20% borne by yourself. If the insured non-deductible insurance, and that it Will have 100,000 insurance company. The cost of loss of vehicle insurance: basic premiums + Car invoice price X1.0% (rate).

Is substantially more expensive Cars, the higher the cost of loss of vehicle insurance, where 1.2% Is not an absolute, but rather change rate value, according to the dangerous condition of the Car last year the situation Will float up and down 1%. “5” board officers liability insurance vehicle liability insurance means that when passengers casualties, the insured amount Will be paid seat insurance. For regularly hosts friends of the owners, it Is highly recommended to buy at least 5-10 million of board officers liability insurance. What to buy Car insurance, basically useless

(1) wading insurance:? Only protect the engine wading damage caused in the process of wading flameout, and start again, not paid up. (Normal waterlogging flooded Car, Car damage insurance can compensate) the rIsk that the grantor of the board staff, such insurance Is divided into two, one Is the other driver’s Car insurance Is to protect passengers and a driver,

(2) glass breakage alone: ​​it Is only a glass member, a separate problem when it payment (under normal circumstances, in addition to man-made causes, separate little damage to the glass. glass damage accident caused by collIsion of the CarCan damage insurance payment) rates Automotive glass breakage alone domestic and imported Cars are also different. High difference between the larger, imported Car parts cost Is the main reason. Glass breakage alone costs: the invoice price of imported Cars X0.25% (rate); and domestic Car, the invoice price X0.15% (rate).

(3) spontaneous combustion rIsk: the Car warranty period did not even really need to buy the old Car burning up, how natural it Is to prove that it paid!? the procedure proved difficult to provide (4) theft insurance:! only vehicle was stolen before you pay, as long as the Car shell Is still not accompany you! Size Car rates directly affect how much insurance costs, and rates basically every insurance company has its own fee schedule, Is also available. Of course, now many insurance comparIson calculator intelligent, marked with a Car purchase conditions Will soon be able to get Car insurance costs.