Car Insurance rub report process? Insurance staff to teach you how to deal with!

[master Car: Car knowledge] Car cut rub Is inevitable, as the developed economies, more and more people began to buy Cars, Cars on the road increased gradually up, many people when should squeeze it, the Car more than a “squeeze it” Is very normal accident, but many novice owners less Will be treated in the event of a vehicle cut rub, the master specifically ask the insurance staff to teach you Car cut rub Newspaper Insurance process .

When the vehicle Is involved in a small scratch, according to their own choice to decide whether to take the loss of insurance, if the loss Is very small owners can choose not to report their own insurance Compounding so in the second year when you can buy insurance and not have to renew the dangerous condition of a relatively large dIscount.

owners to confirm the dangerous condition of the process: call the Insurance CommIssioner after the accident, waiting for the insurance personnel to the site to verify the situation, and then to the 4S shop inspection, maintenance and assess the damage and then communicate by insurance companies and 4S shops and insurance companies lose money, we put the Car owners waiting for notification on the line, not what we do.

In addition there Is a situation that Is our full responsibility, we need to pay Car repair, then went claims. ThIs happens also many claims to the insurance company when we get ready to pay attention to these materials: identity Card, that Is, we the owners own their own ID Card, driving license of the original vehicle accident, then we have to provide insurance to our insurance policies, as well as vehicle maintenance 4S shop to assess the damage when the Issue of fixed-loss and, finally, the responsibility to provide certificate Issued by the police.

Master Summary: When we drive a vehicle virtually scratch occurred on the road, do not panic, first of all to remain calm and remember more of these steps to operate, if another vehicle when parking Is scratched also can be reported to the insurance process. Above shall be reported to the insurance Car cut rub processes, you learn it? Concerned about Car Masters, learning more knowledge of the Car to keep a Car Car.