Car insurance really insurance? Thousands of accident owners own experiences, outrageous truth

for the people have life insurance, accident insurance, industrial injury insurance and other commercial insurance, but at least there Is a Car to pay high insurance Is every driver must buy. But we all know that insurance companies Will afterwards Is, after all, the insurance company Is to open the door to do business instead of opening the door to charity, so harsh after all insurance regulations. Harsh even, as long as she encountered the need to be responsible for the Auto insurance company when not even a buck, but when Xiao Bian consulted many old driver was very sad. Car insurance really insurance? Thousands of accident owners own experiences, the truth infuriating

First of all Auto insurance prices are not low, a large mandatory spending the first year the Car Is the Car Insurance. Direct Auto insurance rules are and Traffic Safety Law, Insurance Law and Car linked to compulsory insurance, each driver must complete the application form to fill in a few written documents, insurance policies, etc., the owner must at once sexual intercourse every year premiums.

If the analysIs of the amount of compensation insurance, we perhaps can see it, thIs Car a strong rIsk of the amount of compensation, not much. For example, the Car itself Is damaged, that compensation limit Is 2000 yuan, if the owner Is a medical injury that cost limit Is $ 10,000, the most serious of the owners of personal death and major dIsability compensation limit Is 110,000. See here, the owners really advIse you not to rely only on an insurance company, like many older people now can not just rely on social security and pensions, as we are to achieve a variety of insurance complementary effect.

before Tucao too many older drivers, insurance companies do not look when the money Is very positive, but really out of the accident, when the insurance company run very slow, almost on the back burner. One owners were injured in the accident, in hospital for a month, traffic police gave the insurance company to write a strip advance, but the insurance company a month did not show up.

thIs situation many see, there are many older drivers are reflected, not only Auto insurance company at the time of the accident a slow runner, but really to be reimbursed when given responsibility , various kinds of excuses prevarication. But every time a fee Is not delayed, it Is no wonder many older drivers are complaining of Auto insurance, Auto insurance now have to buy that insurance companies should also act in children Is not subject to prIsontube?