Car Insurance Practical mainly the four, and do not give money to the insurance company White

with the country’s economic growth faster and faster, the level of consumption of ordinary people has improved a lot compared to the past. And now it Is more and more people buy Cars, in addition to the street before the holidays can there be the kind of Car-infested, traffic jams everywhere scenario? But one thing we all know Is also clear that after buying the Car must also put to appropriate insurance.

After all, a lot of people my heart Is clear, to Auto insurance equivalent to their purchased a property insurance, such insurance to other insurance Is not the same because, no matter how Careful you usually have to drive, there Will be some rIsk factor for the Car, so the Car insurance Is also a high-rIsk high-return insurance, could such a return, many people do not want, after all when paying the repair costs not only energy costs. And the same Is not uncommon in such a phenomenon in our daily life, traffic jam, thIs time a little inattentive Will leave some sCars between Cars and trucks, it’s not a big problem, if a major accident the case, then the Auto insurance also comes into play, it can be a very good save losses suffered by the owners of property in the accident, said that, but for many Car owners, many complex types of insurance, and they it Is not clear what specific types of insurance to purchase.

so today small I take you in the end to find out what the insurance Is practical. Traffic police comrades remind you: practical insurance only four, and do not give money to the insurance company for nothing.

First, the third party liability insurance

refers to a third party liability insurance permitted qualified person driver, accidents occurring in the course of using the insured vehicle, causing direct losses suffered third party personal injury or property, the amount of compensation which shall be paid by the insured, the insurer Will be in accordance with the relevant provIsions of the insurance contract and some compensation. The insurance Is to protect the main road traffic accident victims obtain prompt and effective compensation for third party insurance. Even more than the amount of the insurance pay high insurance even more, quite a lot, but no ceiling. If the Car also purchased liability insurance, and that in the event of an accident, both sides can be used directly to reduce the loss of the insured, the owner would not be in thIs economic situationToo much damage.

Second, wading rIsk

wading insurance, also known as Car damage insurance, especially motor insurance losses. ThIs Is a new derivative of Auto insurance insurance mainly refers to the additional rIsk owners to purchase the engine, it Is mainly to protect the vehicle in puddles wading driving, causing engine damage after flooding or compensation that may be granted. But if the owners continue to be flooded forced to start the engine damage, then the insurance company Will not pay compensation.

Third, excluding special insurance deductible

does not belong to a galvanometer franchIse warranties additional rIsk.

refers generally to the insurance agreement specially, after the insured event, in accordance with the main corresponding to insure Clauses franchIse calculated, should be borne by the insured for Free pay part of the amount, the insurer Is responsible to pay

a type of insurance in compensation. After the insured, the owner can not only enjoy that part of the compensation according to the terms of the insurance, the insurance company should bear; also enjoy that part of the amount due to the owners responsible for the accident, but should be borne in lost


Fourth, pay high insurance

to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance” Is insurance personal company caused the victim to the insured motor vehicle road traffic accidents (not including the vehicle and the insured persons) casualties, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. To pay high insurance rates, it Is usually about a thousand dollars, the most basic Is to provide a guarantee of compensation for the vehicle.