Car insurance policies lost? Such treatment was correct!

If you buy a Car, you need to buy a Car insurance. If you buy Car insurance, the insurance company Will give you an insurance policy. Everyone Is aware of thIs. However, many owners lost insurance policy. There are also times like thIs, a Car accident occurred, the insurance policy because your Car Is damaged. If thIs problem occurs, how to do it?

If the policy Is lost, do not worry, it can go through again. As long as the owners of the insurer to Carry ID Card, driver’s license of the original and other relevant information, you can go to the insurance company to find the responsible person go through. In addition, if the lost pay high insurance policy, the insurer must provide the original ID Card and driving license, and insurance company to go through the insurance copy. Keep in mind that the official seal stamped with the insurance company’s business.

However, the loss of the insurance policy Is indeed a very dIsturbing thing. I suggest that you put the original insurance policy, it Is best placed in a fixed place home. Some people might think that if the road accident, the policy needs to escape from danger, how to do? You can make a copy.

If you buy insurance in the 4S shop, 4S shop you can make sales for you a copy. If you do not buy insurance in the 4S shop, you own a copy, which was lost again go through the insurance policy Is much more convenient than you.

In addition, if the vehicle after the accident found that the policy was gone, how to do? Do not worry, you can start to communicate and insurance companies. Insurance companies are now more humane. In addition, you have the insurance company to buy insurance, which can be found by license plate number. However, your attitude a little better. After all, you lost insurance policy, remember to re-submit the policy to promptly afterwards.