Car insurance “package” too rich, how to choose their own insurance “package”?

# Car Insurance # believe that more than 99% of drivers Will Tucao Car insurance, Tucao go Tucao, buy Auto insurance also have to buy, and for a wide variety of Auto insurance really made a lot of owners headache, how to choose between a variety of Auto insurance “package” in it? Here to tell you about how a reasonable mix of insurance “package” more cost-effective.

Car insurance can be divided into two categories, the first one Is to pay high insurance, the second Is commercial insurance. Traffic Insurance Is a must buy, but also single one, there Is no so-called packages. Here mainly introduce commercial insurance “package”, including Car commercial insurance vehicle damage insurance, third liability insurance and other insurance, and primary insurance and there were a variety of additional rIsks, such as scratches insurance, vehicle liability insurance, pilfer, spontaneous loss of insurance, equipment damage insurance, non-deductible, and glass, a separate dropping liability insurance and other insurance.

the face of insurance Is not an over-abundance of people feel dizzy it? If you like it, then the insurance company Will not hesitate to all insurers, all packaged to sell you. Of course, for some local tyrants can completely drifting away, the savings for the average consumer Is real money, so it Is reasonable mix of insurance, more practical choice insurance.

to pay high insurance Is a national mandatory purchase of insurance, but the business rIsk Is completely free, so the best way with commercial insurance major insurance are: Traffic Insurance + vehicle insurance + third party liability insurance. The large number of additional insurance how to choose it? More recommended additional rIsks are mainly two, the first one Is excluding special insurance deductible, the second Is not too liability insurance. For spontaneous combustion rIsk, scratches insurance and vehicle liability insurance can be based on the actual situation, if the vehicle Is in good condition, so spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not necessary. Scratches insurance only against minor scratches, use of Car damage can be severe.

wading insurance, glass breakage alone device and Is not recommended purchase insurance, if the vehicle Is suspended during flooded, it may be used Car damage, even buying a wading rIsk sparking the emergence of secondary insurance company Is not compensation. As a single glassThIs loss of independence crushing and equipment belonging to a small probability event. Unless there Is only flying stone hit the glass, then certainly more than if traffic accidents Is damage to the glass of the, if not glass damage alone, it can be paid using a caustic danger.

The final step Is pilfer, pilfer also additional rIsks, based on the current Car’s anti-theft technology as well as the fight against robbery, stealing vehicles currently in need of technical and cost while the fence Is not so easy, everyone can find cases from recent years, domestic Car theft Is more to less, so it Is recommended not to buy the insurance. Of course, thIs Is not absolute, in some areas there are still sporadic cases of Car theft.

Auto insurance does have a lot of routine, but as long as a clear understanding of the functional properties after insurance, so to buy according to their needs for their own insurance. Insurance Is not the pursuit of full, but need to pursue fine. Good “package” not only a good combination of rIsk transfer at a critical time, while also saving a lot of money at the time of purchase, so choose the right insurance “package” Is very important.