Car insurance only buy three, clever people never buy the first four, each year save a lot of money!

buy a new Car after the first thing Is to buy insurance, because only after the insurance bought before more licenses, but the policy Is very much in the technique, a lot of people lIsten to 4S store sales. ” recommend “buy a lot of expensive insurance, no reason to be” a lot of money pit “, in fact, Auto insurance just buy three, clever people never buy the first four! Each year save a lot of money!

buy a new Car for the first time a lot of friends, most of them say the new novice drivers, for their own driving skills are not very confident, plus 4S store sales beating about the bush, said some of the more exaggerated words sCare you, fooled you, then it Will be Willing to go out and buy a lot of expensive insurance, then the left hand 4S point fIsherman the benefits, we all should know, saying that they have the insurance rebate, the normal anti 30-40 percent, which Is Why so many reasons for hope 4S shop less expensive insurance you buy.

In fact, Auto insurance the most important, only three types of insurance, the first Car to pay high insurance, which Is compulsory insurance, Is the state the Car must buy insurance, compulsory insurance Is refers to the government to force insurance, thIs insurance Is the third person, that Is, two objects insured unexpected hurt third party, third party insurance companies for compensation.

The second Is the three insurance, which Is the third party business liability insurance, to pay compulsory insurance before did not come out, Is the same as three insurance compulsory insurance must buy, do not buy the vehicle Is not on the license. Three insurance refers to the accident the Insured or allow legitimate driver, occurred in the course of using the insured vehicle, resulting in personal injury or property third party to suffer direct damage, and should bear financial responsibility by the insured, the insurance company to pay compensation. Simple and straightforward to say Is, for example, you hit a one million Car insurance coverage if you buy three insurance Is one million, thIs time ,, do not need to pay compensation to be paid by the insurance company of all . It Is best to buy more than three insurance, and 500,000 and 1 million also sent a hundred dollars.

Is the last non-deductible, and nType the name for the special clause excluding franchIse, Is an additional insurance Auto insurance, many people sometimes mIsunderstand the meaning of thIs insurance, they Will think that insurance Is universal, regardless of responsibility Issued by the accident and who, insurers claims Will be, in fact, thIs understanding Is one-sided, the most important thing Is to remember, the premIse Is to the driver when the driver did not violate the insurance company claims Will be, because the premium Is not expensive, it has always been the people favorite.

of insurance Is to take preventive measures, insurance Is not a panacea, but no insurance Is totally unacceptable, these three types of insurance are our most worth buying a new Car , one more Is a waste, so-called glass insurance, scratches insurance, and so are the spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not necessary to buy, buy three kinds of smart people enough, one more Will not buy.

for Car insurance you have any good suggestions and views, welcome message exchange, learning to learn together!