Car insurance only buy the four on the line, bought a lot of irrelevant but also a waste of money, in vain to pay the tax IQ

Car insurance buy only the four on the line, bought a lot of irrelevant but also a waste of money, in vain to pay the tax IQ

for the use of the Car had to say in thIs regard Is really a troublesome thing, since you bought the Car owners need to keep the money for the Car, fuel, maintenance, Car wash these are the most basic money project. And in addition to the money, there Is a need to spend money where it Is to buy insurance. Buy insurance have to say thIs thing Is really a headache, do not buy insurance out of hIs own pocket to repair the accident, but they do not have access to buy insurance, how you think things are a dIsadvantage. But for thIs problem, the old driver said Car insurance to buy only four on the line, bought a lot of irrelevant but also a waste of money, in vain IQ pay taxes!

The first Is to pay high insurance, thIs Is not even the insurance owners who want to buy does not work, after all, thIs insurance Is mandatory, each Car Will need to buy , or else there Is no road qualification, but also fined Kouche!

The second Is Car damage, the owners have to buy insurance Is recommended, because the terms of the insurance Is popular rub or collIsion occurs in the vehicle caused damage, if you purchase an insurance so it does not require maintenance costs at their own expense, the insurance company’s claims Will help you!

The third Is not deductible, the insurance for the vehicle owners should know Is that, for some insurance company claims not Quanpei, if it Is determined there Is the owner of some responsibility, the owners also are required to pay part of it. ThIs insurance can purchase additional amounts paid in settlement of claims on the basIs of the original, so that owners of their losses to a minimum.

fourth Is three responsible, to persuade the owners to buy the insurance, because your Car collIsion caused some damage to other persons or vehicles , then whether human or Car insurance company Will be paid. So thIs Is the best guarantee of insurance a insurance benefits. For owners only need to buy the insurance after four on the line, or else not only a waste of paying the money to buy more do not have access, it Is entirely in IQ pay taxes.

But the insurance Although there are so many benefits, but in some relatively small in terms of claims still do not recommend vehicle owners take the insurance, the process in such self-inflicted small cut rub. Many owners Will in order to save maintenance costs a few hundred dollars choose to take insurance, but wait until the second year renewal of their own only to find that the cost of buying insurance renewal becomes high, equal to, or scaling down their own money to make up the paint. If owners encounter such a small cut rub want to spend the least money up painting, Xiao Bian give you a coup, that Is resolved by up painting.

have been up painting only about twenty dollars, but it can be the perfect vehicle to solve the above small cut rub, owners are in the process of use, do not worry color Issues, which are used in up painting and the original paint of the same color, but also Car spot colors, owners can rest assured!