Car Insurance News rub it cost-effective?

Two results

First own money!

results: there Is some money to repair their own just no other troubles, when the money Is spent driving lessons and more attention next time it had no effect on the coming year insurance.

The second insurance policies!

Results: The process Is too much trouble (still early to be a fake accident, otherwIse the insurance company only paid 70% [] unless you are a unilateral accident) insurance coverage again next year if there Is more than three times, then (including three) Will have a certain proportion of floating four or five times to go up 50% to 100% floating six words on the insurance coverage. And there Will be some travel tax increase (probably hundreds of dollars)

If you really repair it, then less than 500 if I choose I would go in there to repair or We stood (not serious) until the time of insurance to expire and then repair the Car, after all, can also come in October and nearly 10 months of it you can not 100% guarantee your Car thIs time not a little scratching of the (Car exception has been parked in the garage)

Therefore, the most appropriate way Is if you are like people love the clean and tidy, then you can immediately take to dIspose of their own money or take insurance, If you feel it does not matter if the appearance does not affect the function of words you can wait until going to get together before the insurance expires next year.