Car insurance need to be cautious, I do not have money to buy three!

went to the Car insurance renewal time; now there are some friends plan to buy private Cars before the Spring Festival, the insurance company also rode Dongfeng Motor cleaned up a market, the introduction of a wide variety of insurance, the owner see dizziness, fear the trouble owners directly on all rIsks easy. Whether used Car renewal, or a new Car insurance, Auto insurance how to choose varieties so that we very tangled, masters tell you how to buy!

First of all rIsks ≠ lose it all

“all rIsks” insurance may be the owners often hear the term, in fact, does not exIst in the legal and insurance jargon ” all rIsks “, but we habitually including the Traffic insurance, three insurance business, non-deductible insurance, Car damage, pilfer, Car insurance personnel, including several major insurance generally referred to” all rIsks. ” “All rIsks” does not mean “lose it.” Some insurance companies Auto insurance regulations, when the insured event occurs, a third party should be responsible for compensation but did not find a third party, the implementation of a 30% absolute deductible. In addition, the loss of economic value and personal Auto insurance losses follow unintended, unexpected, unplanned injury. The principle of compensation Is the final amount of compensation Will not exceed the actual loss of the owner, even if the owners insured in several insurance companies, can not benefit because insurance.

There are three insurance, do not have money to buy!

can not buy a new Car spontaneous combustion rIsk

spontaneous combustion rIsk Is a higher cost of insurance, in accordance with 3.2 percent. Premium charged about

100,000 yuan Car, insurance premiums have Autoignition 320 yuan

reasons: 1, the proportion of low Car ignition; 2, generally Car ignition quality problems, 2 years new Cars within the warranty period, no need to buy spontaneous combustion rIsk.

do not have to buy a personal accident insurance accident insurance people buy driving

driver accident insurance: accident protection Is provided for the exclusive private Car driver accident insurance

the reason: the owner has to buy a large amount of personal accident insurance, the driver not to buy accident insurance, both of which need not be superimposed.

low-end Cars do not have to buy scratches insurance

2000 yuan insurance premium amount scratches left 400 yuan, 5000 yuan to 800 yuan limit

it Is an additional rIsk. Car must be insuredAfter damage insurance, insurance available scratches insurance

Reason: scratches insurance refers body paint scratches, traces of collIsion if a clear designation of a hole or even a big pit, thIs case does not belong to the scope of claims of the scratches insurance. A collIsion of the vehicle Is running, rub, etc. generally do not belong to the category scratches insurance claims. If you have a scratch due to claims records, you can not enjoy the next year premium dIscounts, it Is uneconomical.

then use for different Car, master insurance program customized for you.

to retirement vehicles

Traffic Insurance + third party liability insurance

applies: too many old Cars insured insurance uneconomical, but not say no insured

Cheap private Car

to pay high insurance third party liability insurance + + + caustic danger Is not deductible insurance, etc.

Application: Car owners driving skills Yes, better maintenance of vehicles

minor accident-prone vehicles

the basic insurance + + pilfer wading insurance, etc.

applies: driving technology not very skilled, prone to minor accidents private owners

master summary: Insurance Is not trivial, when the insurance or Carefully look at the terms, spend much but the flowers or take.

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