Car insurance loss what Issues should be noted, which claims process

Auto insurance loss precautions What? Auto insurance claims process typically encounter many problems, the most common Is Auto insurance to assess the damage, we have a lot of controversy, in fact, there are many Auto insurance to assess the damage Precautions , if the owners of a friend familiar with and master the knowledge, claims when you can worry a lot of effort, but it Will save some of the costs. So Auto insurance loss considerations which, claims process how to handle it? Xiao Bian today and a look at it!

(a) Automobile insurance loss considerations are as follows:

1. the pre-determined maintenance mode

in general, the insurance company to deal with the loss of vehicles opinions to repair the main, does not affect the normal use of the function the priority repair process. If you can not fix, then replace the lost parts. So before maintenance or repair Is in progress, to take consultation to determine the maintenance of good way to make sure to get the most compensation. .

2 can be negotiated given the amount of damage

Is often the case: the amount of maintenance plant maintenance costs given above insurance company loss of staff approved amount of loss. In general, when the damage Will repair market reference price, set a reasonable amount of maintenance. But each service into parts of the plant have different prices, resulting in a relatively high amount of maintenance. It Is recommended that customers if there are objections to a given amount of damage, the damage to communicate with staff, in consultation with the plant maintenance process.

3. To assess the damage and repair to the same place

and then to refrain from ordinary repair shop for maintenance. Because the 4S shop maintenance required amount Is higher than the amount of ordinary maintenance repair shop if the customer pays the maintenance costs to the general repair shop in accordance with the amount of the damage 4S shop, equivalent to the customer’s maintenance costs to pay more.

(b) Auto insurance claims process Is as follows:

(1) to produce insurance documents.

(2) to produce driving permit.

(3) produce a driver’s license.

(4) to produce the insured ID Card.

(5) to produce insurance.

(6) Fill dangerous condition report table.

(7) through the fill dangerous condition.

(8) fill the informant, the driver and contact phone number.

(9) check the appearance of the vehicle, the damage Sign FIG.

(10) a vehicle owner adjusters and vIsual inspection.

(11) to take pictures of nuclear damage in accordance with the content owners to fill out a report.

(12) claims staff to remind owners whether the valuables in the vehicle.

(13) the delivery of repair service station.

(14) claims staff Issued task orders to determine the repair project and maintenance time.

(15) the owners signature recognition.

(16) turned over to the owner of the vehicle to a service station maintenance.

The most important thing Is to timely communication with the insurance company should pay before the closed control department to understand how the accident should bear their own responsibility, how much traffic accident compensation costs and losses of the injured situation, and then to the insurance company to ask what circumstances can pay what circumstances can not lose, try to reduce losses to a minimum.

These are the Auto insurance loss considerations which, for how to answer claims process knowledge, we want to help, if you want more information, please a lot of attention small series Oh!