Car insurance Is too expensive? Then we have no way to spend less money in thIs respect?

Car insurance Is too expensive? Then we have no way to spend less money in thIs respect?

Most domestic households and are based on the principles it could save the province, the Car Is just a means of transport we provide a convenient commute or when we are going out. But every year we spend money on Cars Will be up to thousands of dollars, if not repair, insurance, fuel costs have reached only a small one thousand yuan. So in addition to fuel costs, we must try to save money in unwanted places. For the Car, the fuel costs, maintenance costs are necessary, but in the eyes of many premiums are expensive and do not want to waste money to spend, then there some way we can spend less money in thIs area ?

We all know that Auto insurance Is the need to pay once a year, except when we choose the insurance Will need to remove those who do not, in fact, we can continue Paul’s time to take some measures to save yourself some money. In general the insurance renewal Is due within 90 days, some people believe that early renewal would be more cost-effective, some are considered to be adjourned due more cost effective. In fact, we can be more within 90 days to pay attention to the insurance company has no promotions, in general, if encountered some holidays, businesses Will not only launch dIscount, the insurance company Is the same, but their efforts Will be even greater concessions . So the insurance Is about to expire within three months, we must pay more attention to the activities of the insurance company Will have launched a number and then compare, and finally select insurance.

Of course, the Car Is not to say there Will be activities launched during the period of renewal, if really avoid all the holiday, we also another approach may be used. Generally, we repair time outside in addition to the 4S shop, but also some familiar service station, in fact many of them are also consignment insurance. We can consult them, they are generally here in order to increase their sales, there Will be some concessions related to emerge. Even without insurance benefits, in order to increase their volume of customers, where are you after him for insurance, maintenance nature Will give you some of the above dIscount.

also tell you that, for the insuranceDo not drag insurance, if required by the State of insurance must be timely purchase, if the Car Is not related to the purchase of insurance, traffic police found it later you Will be fine, but double the fine, the Car Will be detained until you Insurance after delivery. If Auto insurance expired, in case we encountered some traffic accidents, which can only be responsible for the owners themselves. Insurance Is also different from other Car insurance, it Is a one-year warranty, and if you do not pay thIs year or are due, directly Will fail, there Is no grace period.

Read Car insurance Is too expensive? Then we have no way to spend less money in thIs respect? Do you have any ideas? Together dIscussing it!