Car insurance Is not pit: these three Is enough, more than a wIse man Is absolutely not buy

I believe that many riders after buying the Car, the first thing Is to buy Auto insurance. But for many novice drivers, what to buy Auto insurance Is a screenwriters problem! So many novice riders silly to buy a variety of Auto insurance mess of a bunch of results to the last one would not open! Not only a waste of money, but also a waste of energy, so that you do not open the Car did not come in handy, Car insurance do not be fooled: buy the three Is enough! Smart people do not buy one more! So in the end Is to buy, what does? Xiao Bian here to introduce to buy three kinds of Auto insurance, Auto insurance Is not the pit: these three Is enough, more than a wIse man absolutely do not buy.

to pay high insurance, thIs Is no doubt that thIs Is certainly the need to buy, if you do not buy, you must be off the road, not on the Card, ah, thIs Is no doubt, although state regulations, but the price Is not the same, Is based on the strong price of insurance Car models of different post Is different, also depending on you to buy a Car a few seats, if you paid the pay compulsory insurance Will give you a sign, thIs Is the sign you want to paste the front windshield, if not required to check posted above, but also to fines.

excluding special insurance deductible. The Auto insurance if you want to analyze in depth, it Is very complex. Therefore, in order to save everyone reading process, Xiao Bian tell you it’s easy to understand. The non-deductible insurance Is mainly used, after the accident the insurance company paid to use. Means that, if reasonably, a traffic accident, then the full amount to the insurance company claims. But note that, in the case there must be no violation of driving a driver Oh. Therefore, thIs insurance Is worth buying.

commercial liability insurance, thIs Is the most important, now a traffic accident Is too common, not only because more and more private Cars, but also there Is a lot of novice driving instability, with a nervous excitement, be Careful not rear-end. In fact, thIs kind of thing Is not to say you Will certainly encounter, can not say that Will not be met, who knows? Besides, now that we maintain a safe driving dIstance it Is less and less, you hate a screeching halt accidentally go up. So thIs kind of insurance Is to buy a ready in caseIt.