Car insurance Is not just to protect lives and property, there are some small benefits Is also crucial

In recent years, with the increase in Car ownership, Car insurance Is to grow exponentially, as we all know to buy a Car to buy insurance, after all, driving Is no small matter, safety first, so that each owner for Auto insurance a spending must not be Careless.

but to buy Car insurance, which we can enjoy it benefits small, hidden in insurance services the majority of owners do not necessarily know, thIs small series Details for an analysIs.

We all know that Auto insurance include pay high insurance and commercial insurance in two parts, in addition to the two main types of insurance, insurance services also include time roadside assIstance part, Automobile accidents, and roadside assIstance becomes very important.

a. Free to send oil services

If your Car in a remote section of broke down because there Is no gasoline a nearby gas station and no, thIs time we can contact the insurance company to provide free oil delivery service for you, but remember that the service Is no charge, but paying the money derived oil, but it Is also very humane, belongs to Insurance extension of the company’s services.

II. Free repair services

we use the Car in the process, more or less Will encounter some Car small problems, the tire did not air it, the battery Is dead matter, keyless entry door does not open it, these small problems can contact the insurance company to resolve, daily service Is very important, but the number of services Will have certain restrictions general insurance company Will help solve.

III. Free add water services

driving small partners know that Automobile coolant rarely replaced, it Is easily overlooked, because we are less concerned about thIs Issue, once the coolant failure, Will be boiling water temperature, but also a security rIsk to the Carriageway, so thIs time you can also call the insurance company for a free add water services, both eliminate hidden dangers, it could save a small fortune in the rescue costs.

IV.Free towing services

some time ago because of the dangerous condition of the small series of Car failure in the middle of the road broke down, because it Is at night, unable to contact the Car 4s shop, to call the insurance company to apply for assIstance, generally can provide free towing service within one hundred kilometers, completely free from drag the site of the accident repair shop, to note that each insurance company for different free mileage limit, which Is the real benefit.

V. behalf of the inspection services

Insurance companies generally and inspection companies have a business relationship, thIs can consult the relevant insurance company, if any, can offer customers free of charge on behalf of the inspection service, for the usually busy with work, or the tight schedule of the owner, Is also very kind service.

above five very important for new Car owners, Car use Will inevitably encounter bumps, make good use of these five, saving time and effort more provinces money.