Car insurance Is not just an accident can be called, as well as these types of treatment, not dangerous condition of

Car Is a vehicle for every family need it most, but a Car Is convenient, but Will also increase the pressure to the family economy, such as away from home Will always encounter each kind of like calling a Car problem, but also to buy Car insurance, etc., the cost of one year Is a lot. In particular, to buy Car insurance, you need to pay a large fee every year.

In fact, we have a lot of buying insurance Is a free service, as long as your Car Is nine the following non-operational vehicles, are free to enjoy and the free service Is not a dangerous condition, and many owners do not know, really wasted, Xiao Bian today to tell everyone has free access to several services.

First of all, the first point Is that when your Car when traveling halfway, if the Car suddenly no oil under the circumstances, can be provided by insurance companies free services, you can call the insurance company’s staff to send oil to you.

The second point Is the Car loss of electricity, sometimes we stop the vehicle after a period of time, there Will be cases of loss of electricity can not start, the insurance company Is also you can come free ride electricity.

Third, when we are traveling in the Car when the tire if the Car appears insufficient air pressure or a flat tire, etc., can provide a free replacement spare tire and other services.

Fourth, if your Car can not drive fails or there Is a major accident, the insurance company Is to provide towing services free of charge, not to hIs own pocket.

points above maintenance free service you remember it? There are some free services on thIs table we can see a figure, I hope we all remember well.