Car insurance Is not deductible insurance what does that mean? It Is necessary to buy it?

in the domestic Car ownership Is growing, we Will normally give their Car buy insurance. And Car insurance Is divided into two categories, one Is to pay high insurance, which Is mandatory country must buy Auto insurance, while another Is commercial insurance, Is in addition to all types of insurance to pay high insurance business insurance belong. The type of business rIsk Is very large, and we are talking about non-deductible insurance Is one one today, its role Is to present the owners should bear part of compensation, paid by the insurance company on behalf of.

You know, in our Automobile insurance have a clear divIsion, unless it Is 100% non-responsibility, otherwIse the insurance company only paid 80% of the losses, the owners also need to rest from hIs own pocket to bear these losses. Without deductible insurance Is to have an effect on these cases, 20% of which Will remain to the insurance company for compensation.

At thIs time certainly would anyone want to, since all payments shall be borne by the insurance company, but non-deductible insurance money Is still out by the owners, so now do not buy no difference. In actual fact, the popularity a little bit longer, non-deductible insurance stands for “franchIse, excluding special clause”, which Is Car damage insurance or additional insurance liability insurance Is by special agreement, after the accident, according to correspondence provIsion of insurance primary insurance franchIse computing terms, it should be part of the deductible amount shall be borne by the insured, the insurance company Will be responsible for compensation within the liability limit. After the owner to buy non-deductible insurance, Car damage and accident liability third party liability insurance deductible amount would be borne by the insurance company. ThIs time in our Car being scratched, scratches and other accidents but can not find the ‘murderer’, so that the insurance company Will be responsible for all damages, do not have to pay. From a long-term point of view Is a relatively cost-effective insurance.

However, it Is worth mentioning that the non-deductible insurance Is an additional insurance, only after buying up additional primary insurance, Is for most commercial insurance can play a complementary role. In addition, if the owner reported premium rates Will rIse in the second year. Still remind the majority of riders to drive some of the sound as much as possible, after all, their own personal safety Is most important. For thIs non-deductible insurance how do you see it?