Car insurance Is not deductible gauge what effect? Vehicle AdminIstration: an accident do not understand it Is easy to lose!

At present, U.S.’s Car ownership growing, increasingly wide range of popularity, a lot of friends have become Car owners, of course, that many people bought the Car, the first thing Is not directly on the road travel, if that’s the case, we would be tantamount to the emergence of rules of the road, facing points and fines, must hand in the vehicle purchase tax you want, then buy insurance, on the license. Later on the road Is considered legitimate, when we buy insurance, a total of two types of insurance, respectively, to pay high insurance and commercial insurance, to pay high insurance would not have said, we drive what kind of vehicle, must be purchased or can not on the road. And there are many commercial insurance options, some of these types of insurance we Will never use, so that there Is no need to enter, but which has a non-deductible insurance, it Is exactly what kind of role? Here, Vehicle owners remind you, must take its role thoroughly understand, or after a vehicle accident occurs it Is easy to lose!

Car insurance deductible does not have any effect? Vehicle AdminIstration: an accident do not understand it Is easy to lose!

In understanding the non-deductible insurance, we must first understand what the loss of a third party vehicle insurance and commercial insurance, for two an insurance, I believe that many owners too familiar, because once we motor vehicle traffic accident during travel, while their vehicle collIsion and because there has been some damage, the insurance company would have needed at thIs time according to the provIsions compensation, for example, we are in the process of driving, the Car accidentally hit the wall, thIs time Car damage insurance on the play its role. The insurance company Will compensate us to the extent of vehicle damage, although compensation Is not all, but more or less we can reduce the economic pressure, so that we minimize losses as much as possible.

The second Is third party liability insurance, vehicle collIsion with us, if it Is an ordinary Car, and damage Is not very serious, we are also the main person in charge, thIs time we need to compensate for the losses of the other vehicle. Three insurance Is to play such a role in compensation to the other party’s loss, in part, responsible for the insurance company, Will also for the ownersrelieve pressure. Many people might think that thIs insurance Is not very important, mainly because we have not touched a luxury Car, if the touch Is a luxury Car, then the role of the three liability insurance Is very big, because it’s insurance the amount Is very high.

understanding of third party insurance and Car damage later, here we take a look at what Is not deductible, so-called non-deductible, in fact, Is an additional rIsk in the insurance business, that must be our vehicle after the loss of business insurance are two kinds of insurance and third party insurance, it can only make a purchase, thIs insurance does not It can be purchased separately, and some insurance companies which provides that if an accident occurs, the owner Will have to bear the deductible amount, the insurance company to the owners of certain claims within a specified amount of. The amount of thIs part, most of them are around 5% ~ 20%.

One more thing to remind the owner, Is the non-deductible insurance, Will not occur in all cases effect, it does not produce effects in some cases, which Is a lot for owners to understand there was not very clear, so soon after the accident unknowingly eat a lot of losses, here we come to you share, which has several cases it Will fail? The first Is the future of our vehicle accidents, we have full responsibility for third party responsible, but they escape a third party. The second situation Is when we are in a vehicle accident, there Is no evidence reservations related accident can not be determined, in the end who Is responsible for what should, deductible under such circumstances Is unable to play effects.

In both cases mentioned above, once we met. ThIs non-deductible insurance, Will not exert their effect, so the owners in their vehicles after a traffic accident, the first time the first call to the insurance company, to avoid the late produce some unnecessary trouble. While the third non-deductible insurance, a full understanding of their role, to avoid dIsadvantage to time, you may not worth it, thIs Readers, do you have what kind of view, welcome to put forward below, we join in the dIscussion, thanksEveryone to read.