Car insurance Is no longer fixed, the license plate number for life, the happy riders

Welcome to number one hundred (cool love cool Cars) tells us today Is: Car insurance no longer fixed, the license plate number for life, the happy riders! Each year, when the Car went to the insurance, it took a lot of money. ThIs includes cross-Insurance 950 yuan (less than 6 seats), 7 seats too, but Xiaobian think that if you pay the insurance business, there Is no need to take great rIsks, the two clashed. However, insurance Is mandatory. If there Is no payment, checks, it must be doubled. However, starting from July 1, the insurance Is no longer fixed. The license plate number for life! Insurance Is no longer compulsory cross-strong 950 yuan!

compulsory insurance calculation Is very simple, you need to pay = (1 + N) X950, “n” Is a number. You have to pay at least 665 of thIs calculation, up to 1235. The most important Is that it Is compulsory insurance. If you do not buy commercial insurance, you can not buy it. Even if you buy 100 million liability insurance for the Audi Mercedes-Benz, you still need to buy compulsory insurance.

Is a license plate number of each vehicle identity Cards, some numbers Will be used for auctions, but the phenomenon Will be prohibited by the new system. Lifetime license plate number system Is one of a reform measure, the Department of Transportation to increase the original license plate number. Valid prescription, even if your Car Is in line with the waste standards, you can still use the original number plates, saving time and reducing complexity formalities owners.

Car accident did not happen in a year, there Is no danger, then next year Will have 10% dIscount, that Is 855 yuan. If there Is no danger for two consecutive years, the dIscount rate next year Is 20%, the cost Is 760 yuan. If you do not have three consecutive years out of danger next year, the price Is £ 30%, you only need to pay 666 yuan a year. However, if a traffic accident occurs twice a year, it increased by 10%, the largest increase of 30%. If thIs Is the first time an accident, there were no casualties, then we have to pay a fixed fee!

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