Car insurance Is necessary to understand

After buy a new Car, the owner should be promptly buy Car insurance, it should be noted that some problems do not re-insurance and excess insurance, the necessary basic insurance to all, owners should Carefully read the insurance contract, to see whether the terms of a comprehensive . The three insurance Auto insurance, Car damage should buy, and to buy in full.

in the choice of vehicle insurance coverage when the recommended two main rIsk must be on. First, caustic danger, and second, third party liability insurance. The two basic types of insurance Is to ensure that Car owners after the accident, the loss of people and Cars can get compensation.

In addition, there are two types of insurance recommended that owners can best decide whether the situation according to their actual vote. Is a pilfer the other Is non-deductible insurance. Daoqiangxian can ensure that once the vehicle Is stolen or robbed, the owner of the loss can be compensated. Now the insurance policy the insurance company has a franchIse, the owners bear full responsibility for the accident, the insurance company deductible 20%, 15% deductible primary responsibility, 10% deductible equal responsibility, secondary responsibility 5% deductible.

do not over-insured or full coverage. Some owners, obviously vehicles worth 150,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan insured but insurance that much more money, the more the amount of the claim; and some Cars worth more than 12 million, has insured 10 million, anyway, to save some money, both the insured can not be effectively protected. Based on “Insurance Law” Article 39 stipulates: insurance amount shall not exceed the insured value, exceed the insured value, the excess part of the void. Insurance amount Is less than the insured value, unless the contract provides otherwIse, the insurer liable for compensation according to the proportion of the insured amount to the insured value.

The last point Is to see the predetermined restrictive. In some insurance provIsions, they tend to have some restrictive provIsions. To see the policyholders of these provIsions, so as not to cause trouble after the accident.

First, buy Car insurance precautions What?

1, do not repeat the insured

Some policyholders to vote several security thinks more than it can be a multi-vehicle insurance several compensation.In accordance with the “Insurance Law” Article 40 stipulates: “The total amount of compensation for each insured person double insurance vehicle shall not exceed the insured value.” Thus, even repeated insurance policyholders, it Will not get super-value compensation.

2. Do not over-insured or not insured in full

Some owners, obviously worth 10 million vehicles, but insured $ 150,000 Insurance that Will be able to spend more and more payment. And some Cars worth $ 200,000, but insurance for 10 million. Both the insured can not be effectively protected.

3, the insurance to preserve

Some Car owners to save premium, some want less security rIsk, or only covers Car damage, not insurance third party liability insurance, or insurance only primary insurance, additional insurance Is not insurance. In fact, each have their own insurance liability insurance, if the vehicle Is really an accident, the insurance company can only give paid according to the insurance contract to assume the insurance liability had made, while others have lost owners may not get compensation.

4, to Carefully review the insurance documents

When you receive insurance documents, be sure to check Carefully to see the documents first triple whether to adopt a white NCR printing and anti-counterfeiting printed beige shades, which Is printed on the upper left corner if “producer American Insurance Regulatory CommIssion,” the words, whether the upper right corner printed “limits ×× provinces (municipalities and Autonomous regions) words sale “, if not refuse to sign the bill.

Second, the Auto insurance claims process like?

1, reported lost:

After a traffic accident, should be properly protect the scene, and promptly report to the insurance company, road traffic accidents but also reported to the department, off-road traffic accident (as a result of driving a vehicle crashed into a tree or wall reasons), the safety committee should be certified materials.

2, approved:

insurance company after receiving the report, Will be sent to the scene to survey the transport sector to understand the dangerous condition or situation, while vehicle to assess the damage, estimated reasonable costs, and notify the owner to the insuranceThe company designated repair shop for dealing with incidents vehicles. As the owner required to repair, should go through self-study procedures such as the repair costs exceed the cost of the damage, the cost Will be paid by the owners of their own excess.

claims against third party liability, the insurance company should be determined by the amount of compensation according to the law, and be paid according to the amount of insurance coverage. For policyholders with a third party in private negotiated the amount of compensation, the insurance company may refuse payment.

3, a predetermined payout: total loss.

insured vehicle total loss occurs after, if the insured amount Is equal to or less than the actual value of the dangerous condition at the time, Will be the amount of insurance compensation. Insured vehicle total loss, the insured amount Is higher than the actual value if the dangerous condition at the time, the real value Will be when the dangerous condition of the compensation.

In summary, consumers buy new Cars before the Card should be bought insurance. In addition to pay compulsory insurance, the vehicle to purchase commercial insurance. Buy Auto insurance should be based on their own circumstances, do not repeat the insured, in which three insurance to buy in full. Since the Car Is easy to rub novice, caustic danger Is also necessary. Buy Auto insurance, if there was no accident the following year the premium Will be reduced.