Car insurance Is how the payment? Do you really understand it yet? Come here do not know

Car insurance Is how the payment? Do you really understand it yet? Come here do not know the title of the main Issues Is how Car insurance Is paid in? To answer thIs question, we must first figure out the concept of insurance. Insurance Is divided into two parts, one Is to pay high insurance, a part of commercial insurance.

The first Is the traffic compulsory insurance, transportation insurance Is not compulsory payment of self. That Is, to pay compulsory insurance paid only when you cause injury or damage to third parties (third party that Is in addition to your Car and the person or things), and not be paid when a loss of self-generated. Commercial insurance Is as a supplement to pay high insurance and have their own Car damage insurance, insurance and other passengers, but also third party liability insurance.

more general introduction to the kinds and types of insurance, how Here’s what payment.

First, after the accident, the first time to sponsor bus safety. If there Is an accident on the road or the vehicle more high-speed, first place the tripod warning signs in a safe manner. Then call the insurance phone, the phone Will usually insured to pay high insurance logo front windshield.

Second, after dialing the customer service Will ask you some basic information about the vehicle, such as license plate number, the owner’s name and so on. If a new Car Is a temporary license, you Will need to provide a large frame number or ID number. Customer Service Will ask you some basic information about the accident, such an accident Is unilateral or both sides accident. Accidents are usually two sides need to alarm, and the need to examine the scene. If it Is unilateral accident they Will advIse you if you need to check the scene, usually unilateral accident more than 2,000 on-site inspection Is the need of.

Third, after making a service call Will have two results, one Is still waiting for the traffic police and insurance companies evaluators. Another inspection Is not required to take pictures you can live on their own, usually minor damage accidents. After the inspection staff arrived at the scene, we Will verify some basic information. For example, their Car damage occurs, verify that you have not purchased the Car damage. But also to verify the authenticity of the accident, such as a Car accident Is how the basic letter happened, whether there had been before, and so the damaged parts of impact marksinterest. After confirming the above information Is correct, evaluators Will take photographs and inform the Car trailer towed designated repair shop.

Fourth, the dIsmantling, the damage

After the Car onto the 4S, 4S Will be dIsmantling the Car. After dIsmantling the maintenance personnel Will be reported to you a lIst of maintenance and insurance adjusters, for example, if you dIsagree that you feel in need of repair or replacement and does not appear on the lIst, you can communicate and claims personnel and maintenance personnel. The insurance company claims personnel Will lIst garages of nuclear damage, at the same time, the insurance company Will have to decide whether the project at their own expense in accordance with insurance purchased.

V. payment

in the Car after the repair Is completed, the owner took the repair invoice and inventory Carrying driving license, ID Card and bank Card to the insurance company claims. Usually within 1-3 business days for the money hit the account owners.

Above that Is the loss of vehicles, the following talk about the costs involved personnel. If the person died, the police Will Issue a certificate delineate responsibility and liability based on local living standards given payment standard. Both sides recognized that the insurance company to obtain payment after the necessary material, if not recognized on the use of legal means to resolve. If people did not die, requiring hospitalization, need to wait until after the injured a full recovery, and complete hospital receipts, documents and other materials submitted to the insurance company to get the money.