Car insurance Is enough to buy these three, the other Is a waste of money, do not hat and no cattle!

Car insurance to buy these three Is enough, the other Is a waste of money, do not hat and no cattle! Ownership

domestic Auto increasing, major Car insurance companies are also going up, Auto insurance Is a basic common sense, after an accident can try reduce our losses, to pay high insurance Is a must buy insurance, in addition to the owners need to decide according to their preferences and budget at hand, in the end Is to buy all rIsks or other commercial insurance. At the time of purchase, the staff Will tell us a bit, some people think that Car insurance Is to buy a whole lot of protection, no matter what the problem, the insurance company Will be for us to resolve, but we must not be deceived by such rhetoric the Car insurance only need to buy three on it.

a: non-deductible

ThIs Is a single insurance, its role relatively large, after an accident Is also a franchIse encountered some special cases even buy insurance, the other party can refuse claims, with the non-deductible insurance, even if they do not want to lose have to pay part of the accident can be reduce the loss occurred after the owner.

II: caustic danger

there has been an accident while driving the vehicle after being subjected to a certain amount of damage, purchased the Car damage insurance, maintenance costs that we do not bear all the Auto insurance buy enough of these three, the other Is a waste of money, do not hat and no cattle! Insurance companies Will make our respective compensation claims range Is relatively wide, whether it Is a small scratch or a major accident, you can get compensation, it Is quite a practical.

three: liability insurance

after an accident, if the other owners by hurt, thIs time we need to bear the responsibility, the need to go to hospital or other treatment, we need to bear thIs cost, after the three have insurance, we should pay the cost itself, the insurance company Will for usPay, which Is equivalent to someone pay for our behavior.

These are three very necessary to buy insurance, in addition to other insurance you may be prudent to consider, do not buy intelligence taxes, some people at the time of purchase, we lIsten to the rhetoric of staff, later found these insurers simply useless, in vain to spend the money.

usually small Car appeared small scratch or rub small scratches, it Is best not to contact the insurance company, and can themselves on their own to solve it, anyway spend much money, so that once the staff get out of danger, the next in the purchase of insurance, the cost Will be much higher. If the same number of dangerous condition Is relatively small, late to buy insurance when the cost Will be reduced, which also has a direct impact on the interests of the owners, for the Car insurance Is how you see it? What do you think insurance Is necessary to purchase it?