Car insurance Is enough to buy four, do not foolIshly giving the insurance company, and knew not regret

Car insurance to buy these four Is enough, do not foolIshly giving the insurance company, and did not regret it knew

As we all know, it Is necessary when buying a Car then pay some extra costs, such as insurance Is one of them. Under normal circumstances, in addition to compulsory insurance must buy, many dealers Will recommend to many insurance consumers, the traffic police to remind you that Car insurance Is enough to buy four, do not foolIshly giving the insurance company, bought the other Is wasted money wasted. Here’s a look at what are the insurance.

The first, to pay high insurance

ThIs insurance Is a must buy, no matter what kind of vehicle, you must buy in before the road. Insurance prices are mainly determined based on the number of Car seats, mainly paid for the injured party when the accident occurred. Under normal circumstances, it can be paid about $ 100,000, but the maximum not more than 122,000 yuan. In fact, thIs kind of insurance Is mainly to reduce the economic loss accident damaged party.

The second, third party liability insurance

Although thIs type of insurance and It Is not mandatory to buy, but most owners Will voluntarily purchase. Because the first in a small accident to pay high insurance Is paid can play a relevant role, however, if a large traffic accidents, the Traffic Insurance alone Is simply not enough. In thIs case, the third party liability insurance can be used as supplementary insurance for the owners to reduce the financial burden.

A third, caustic danger

ThIs insurance Is mainly for vehicle set their own damage insurance, because the Car Will inevitably occur in the course of damage, such as damage due to some accident or natural causes, it can be paid by the insurance. However, if the damage Is caused by tire wear or the Car headlights are not bright, these are still the owners themselves need to pay maintenance.

Fourth, non-deductible insurance

The case of thIs insurance Is an additional insurance, third party liability insurance must be purchased in order to purchase the owner or caustic danger Is, Is that we can further reduce the loss of major owners. For example, you would have to pay the owner’s own maintenance costs can be paid by non-deductible insurance, more practical.

These are the four we have to buy insurance, you do not be fooled, because many types of insurance are simply unobtainable.