Car Insurance Is enough to buy four, bought a lot of that Is no doubt give money to the insurance company

vehicles after a Car you need to buy insurance, but many owners have purchased a new Car after, often only to their vehicle purchase to pay high insurance, in reality, other commercial rIsk Will not and Will not buy, in fact, for thIs practice, I always feel a little defective, because the road conditions are very complex, the slightest mIstake Will lead to a traffic accident, so that buy commercial insurance Is still very necessary. But they can not buy too much insurance business, these four Is enough to buy, buy more, it Is in no doubt give money to the insurance company.

The first: strong insurance

After the Car to pay high insurance Is required to buy, unless you buy a Car off the road, to pay high insurance that white Is the most basic insurance support vehicles on the road, but to pay high insurance can only paid 2,000 yuan a vehicle accident, but if you buy to pay high insurance Car on the road caught traffic police, then the consequences are very serious , so pay high insurance Is a must buy after buying a Car.

The second: caustic danger

by definition Is caustic danger for themselves the vehicle itself provide protection, such as their vehicle struck a maliciously by others, or by others rub up, but can not find people, then only need to call the insurance company telephone, the insurance company Will damage claims of the vehicle. Of course, in addition to these vehicles damage caused by human factors, caustic danger of damage to the vehicle caused by natural dIsasters Is also effective in, for example, the vehicle Is smashed hail, wind blown down the tree and so the Car hit, then Car damage where the value Is manifested, it Is bluntly Car damage insurance Is to provide protection for our own vehicles.

Third: non-deductible insurance

There may be many people still do not understand the non-deductible insurance in the end Is doing, then today we Will take a brief look, in fact, we can not count as a deductible the insurance accident compensation than, say if your Car does not buy non-deductible then after the accident, insurers are not 100% payment to you, but if you buy non-deductible, then the insurance companies WillThe full amount, the insurance deductible can say there Is a direct relationship with your pockets.

Fourth: three liability insurance

now more Cars on the road for more, three insurance Is also necessary to buy, Careless driving after the collIsion of a pedestrian or another vehicle, then the third party liability insurance can play an important role, but the third party liability insurance divIsion of several rating, the higher the rating, the higher the sum insured, third party liability as to say how much insurance to buy, but also according to your city, if you only buy 500,000 third party liability insurance in a big city, so after the accident you can sell really going to sell Cars, so personal recommendations, how high can buy third party liability insurance to buy tall.

to buy Auto insurance, which has several? Old drivers: these four Is enough to buy, buy more Is a waste! In fact, we give Auto insurance Is for the protection of vehicle to buy, but also buy protection for themselves. Of course, we are the owners of vehicle insurance at the time of purchase, be sure to select known larger insurance companies to insurance, after all, the strength of the insurance company efficiency Will be more efficient. I wonder if your Car often Which insurance companies? Every year Is what insurance to buy?