Car insurance insured amount Is how to count, what kind of

Car insurance insured amount Is how to count? Calculate Car insurance Car owners should be aware of the general vehicle owners to buy Auto insurance when you need to select different channels, so the Car insurance have different prices, the current situation in advantages of online Auto insurance insurance Carried large and small series today we have come together to find out how to calculate Auto insurance the insured amount, what kind?

(a) how to calculate Auto insurance the insured amount?

recommended online insurance, including commercial insurance can save 15%. Insure the cost of Car insurance can save agency fees on the Internet, because the owner can deal directly with the insurance company, in terms of price Is still very cost-effective.

Moreover, there are many types insured Auto insurance, Auto insurance and the price Will be different with the kind of the variance. There are Auto insurance to pay high insurance and commercial insurance both. Which pay high insurance Is mandatory insurance, vehicle owners are required to purchase each. General private Car in the first year of strong insurance required to pay $ 950 in the first year Is not a dangerous condition, the second year of strong insurance paid Will fall by 10%.

(b) What kind of Car insurance?

Car insurance Is also known as motor vehicle insurance, Is our usually talk about Auto insurance, and thIs insurance Is commercial insurance for motor vehicles, resulting in personal injury, in which case the insurer Will have a liability. Motor vehicles including Cars, trams and electric vehicles and other common types of vehicles. We say that the motor vehicle insurance belong to one kind of uncertain value of the insurance, basic insurance and the additional rIsk of two types.

What kind of Car insurance which covers basic rIsks include the following:? Third party liability insurance (liability insurance), and loss of vehicle insurance (Car damage); Additional rIsks include the entire vehicle pilfer (pilfer), vehicle liability insurance, no-fault liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance of goods falling, broken glass, a separate insurance, vehicle insurance suspended loss, spontaneous loss of insurance, loss insurance new equipment, excluding special insurance deductible . We usually refer to pay high insurance (ie compulsory traffic accident liability insurance) also belong to the broad third party liability insurance.

The above Is how to calculate Car insurance the insured amount, the knowledge of what kind of answer there, we want to help, if you want more information, please pay attention on the small series Oh!