Car insurance insurance Raiders – low rIsk portfolio papers

case of 1: Traffic Insurance _ stands for compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, whose function Is to drive traffic accidents and bear some proportion or all of the responsibility for the cost of the other vehicle and personnel injury produced by the Traffic Insurance compensation, compensation limit refer to the diagram content. Focus: Traffic Insurance compensation only other loss, damage or injure a person’s own Car are required to bear.

2: Commercial insurance of third party liability insurance, which Is fully functional with the same pay compulsory insurance to compensate the other party does not guarantee one’s own. The value of thIs insurance Is to compensate for cross-strong insurance, to pay high insurance maximum for which only 110,000 shown above, in the event of serious injury or even death in a traffic accident to pay high insurance Is inadequate. Want to reduce the rIsk of compensation payments you need large capacity, three insurance provides insurance coverage 30/50/100/200 million unique ability to achieve thIs, the proposed insured amount not less than 100 million.

3: caustic danger _ stands for motor vehicle liability insurance loss, the role of insurance Is to compensate in one’s own responsibility (or liability account the full responsibility) accident loss of vehicle damage repair costs can be reimbursed for parts, vehicle collIsion to be scrapped assess compensation in accordance with the used Car price, after adding the very least do not worry about insurance needs its own fix the Car accident. In addition to compensation for loss of Car accidents, Car caustic danger also underwriting loss of all natural climate except for the earthquake-caused or retirement compensation, the insurance Is valuable.

4: Body seat officers liability insurance _ also known as rIsk, and its function Is to casualties on one’s own vehicle for compensation within the insurance limits of liability in the accident, the same amount can be chosen three insurance, insurance and can choose one or several or all seats. With thIs insurance be considered a guarantee for people, and if there Is no such accidents in the other party no responsibility, then on the staff of one’s own vehicle to be conceited any problems, the value of all seats equally high rIsk of merely been most owners ignored.

focus: three insurance, Car damage, three seats rIsk insurance has absolute franchIse, in the process of assessing compensation can be based on whether the owners the presence of illegal driving behavior or other factors exemption, franchIse can reach 10% to 30%. ThIs proportionSeemingly small but in the actual claims process Is very exaggerated, one hundred thousand Is 1 to 3 million deductible oh. So in order to be able to full or nearly full amount awarded in the accident, Auto insurance has a very important: non-deductible insurance.

The role of insurance Is shown in

As Is offset absolute franchIse, it means for the above-mentioned three types of insurance plus an insurance or understood as find a pretext to increase premiums. But no matter for what purpose are suggested adding non-deductible, the cost of several hundred dollars may be reduced to enhance the potential cost thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands; the value of Auto insurance Is to prevent “nothing”, it Is necessary to deduct the relative comprehensive, three seats + 100 + Car damage insurance + deductible Is not the most reasonable combination.

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