Car insurance in two important types of insurance, to buy or not to buy?

Many people think that to buy vehicle insurance, many do not need to buy. Also bought a waste of money.

the following two Insurance Did you buy it?

scratches insurance and glass breakage alone

scratches insurance

refers to the insurance period, the insurance of the vehicle collIsion occurs no obvious signs of scratching the body paint surface alone. The insurance company liable for actual losses, security Is the main vehicle for others to malicious destruction caused by man-made scratches, the insurance company Is responsible for payment, if it Is an accident in the rub, scratch insurance claims do not fall into the category. Scratches insurance Is additional rIsk of loss of vehicle insurance, insurance that Is required in a case where only the insured vehicle damage insurance, can not be arranged separately. And must be a family vehicle for personal use, non-commercial vehicles can be insured, other vehicles not insured.

Note: the

due to the high rate of payment scratches insurance, many insurance companies specified vehicles 3 years can insure scratches insurance, long service life (3–5 years) scratches Car insurance Is not insurance, but also pay attention to things, paint spontaneous combustion due to aging, others causing the insured vehicle due to the civil and economic dIsputes with the insured driver and family members the loss was caused by the intentional act of the insured and their family members, drivers and their family members lost, do not give claims.

Glass breakage alone

First, broken glass alone caustic danger Is also the rIsk of additional rIsk, coverage Is broken windshield or window glass alone, the insurance company actual loss compensation.

Note: the

Is not a Car can get broken glass claims of

1, the lamp Is not in the scope of claims mirror

2, vehicle decoration installationVehicle caused during the glass broken

3, glass film loss

4, skylights Breakup claims, need to go Car damage

5, imported glass press domestic underwriting difference losses therein

6, the loss of additional devices