Car insurance in thIs routine, did not see to suffer

believe that every owner Will be for annual Car insurance, but for the same insurance, even with an insurance company, through stores to buy, buy website or phone purchase Auto insurance premiums there Is a big difference. Different insurance companies offer there Will be some differences, but we believe that the reason you pay for, say we give the Car to buy all rIsks, insurance companies offer A five thousand dollars, insurance companies offer B 3000 yuan, then we should be Careful, especially the latter, fearing that the following safety routines.

specified with the region, designated driver

As the name implies, the specified region and the designated driver Is driving said vehicle must be insured (mostly owners) in a specific region (such as the present provinces) and a particular driver driving under the premIse of the dangerous condition, the insurance company Will be paid, or not paid. ThIs phenomenon many reasons insurance companies have exclusions appear in the price of low insurance quotes routines, many owners think that cheap on the line, not knowing to the field or lend the Car to open the dangerous condition, the. Therefore, we must pay attention to instructions when the insured the insurance provIsions, to avoid being pit.

Note that a prerequIsite for wading insurance payment of

in the country Is flooded Car very common, especially in South Africa and more heavy rains, flooded road on the way and parked vehicles cause engine damage wading phenomenon too numerous to mention, but many owners do not know the situation that bought all rIsks of unscrupulous rushed into the water. Note two things you can avoid wading claims pitfalls: First, a vehicle parked in the flooded, payment vehicle borne entirely by the caustic danger, and there did not buy wading insurance does not matter. Second, the road on the way vehicles wading damage to the engine flameout by wading insurance payments, to obtain compensation for thIs part of the premIse Is to buy wading insurance, while the second can not start the engine flameout in the water, otherwIse it Will face the insurance company refused pay.

Note that the terms of stealth inconspicuous

As previously mentioned, the additional insurance Is wading insurance loss among a typical full protection invIsible terms, in addition glass breakage alone Is insured front windshield and window glass four, only buy if the caustic danger, once broken glass alone Will not get the compensation (broken glass joint traffic accident compensable Car damage); in addition, the glass body scratches and also rIsks breakage alone Similarly, if the vehicle Is parked in which child Is scratched, do not buy a Car body scratches insurance Will not get paid out.

alert phone Insurance

the insurance companies in order to save time and reduce the cost of acquIsition (CPA), came into the Car phone, telephone biggest advantage Is cheap Auto insurance, but there are many pitfalls. There may be a liar to the company, from the phone difficult to communicate to the terms of the details, once the dangerous condition Is likely to be hidden dIsclaimer. So, faced with Car phone, be sure to verify the authenticity and its insurance company phone, Also see the exemption clause, the insurance project, confirm the amount, so cheated.

pending loss of the vehicle drive directly to the repair shop or 4S repair

Of course, many significant responsibility for small accidents can be scraped after taking, leaving the two sides after contact left both sides at the same time to take full responsibility for the party’s insurance company, get in touch with exploration staff, and mail them to him, so practice Is to save time for both parties (especially on high-speed exploration staff waiting to come take a long time). But to be clear, the vehicle dangerous condition of the insurance company reported first remember, and then wait for surveyors were beginning to assess the damage after the repair, the insurance company may or exclusions.

loss in parking fees or repair the plant caused not lose

there Is parking in the vehicle repair factory or field losses are not compensable hidden clause Is set by the insurance company. After the insurance surveyors to assess the damage arIsing from either vehicle, so the cost of repairing the vehicle basically determined. However, if the vehicle or in the 4S shopOccurred during repair shop to repair the damage to the vehicle caused by accident, by the terms of the repair shop responsible for compensation, the insurance company Is not responsible.

Auto insurance dIscount rebates are not the same

Under normal circumstances, be able to buy insurance get dIscounts, it can be seen as an insurance company rebate to buyers. If the insurance companies themselves and communicate, often thIs fee can save a lot, so the price of insurance Is relatively low. If you buy Auto insurance through third-party channels, the brokers Will make the difference of them, may wIsh to shop around to buy Auto insurance.

a small insurance company dIscounts large, but poor service

In addition to our common peace, the Pacific, PICC, several outside the large Car insurance companies, in fact, there are many unknown insurance company, they tend to quote a very low price in order to obtain the source, although the insurance provIsions are the same, looks very effective, but because of the small company staff shortage lack of outlets and other Issues, Will lead to exploration slow after escape from danger, claims a long time and so on.

buy Car insurance intention Is to prevent major accidents can not pay, the rIsk Is passed on to the insurance company paid appears, however, insurance companies selling insurance in time it was full of tricks, owners be sure to look at the rules and dIsclaimers insurance, insurance companies do not fall into the routine, avoid buying insurance can not be paid.