Car insurance in the four free services, especially the last one can save a lot of money

Hello friends, with the improvement of each household’s income, buy a Car and convenient for home use Is a very happy thing, even if the wind and rain of bad weather no longer Is electric Cycling Is so uncomfortable feelings. Even when the Car waiting for the traffic congestion encountered entertainment device Will not be too upset, but when it comes to work experience morning rush hour accident and Careless out of it irksome. If you do not Care to have hIs accident, personal and property safety Is no problem that okay, but the Car Will need to be overhauled in accordance with the responsibility of planning. So, thIs time to buy insurance Is a very good choice, but in fact the insurance in addition to repair the Car, but there are many free Auto insurance do not understand the project and spent odds.

free to send oil

First Car dashboard fuel tank alarm, that Is almost out of gas, and if the City Fortunately dIstrict also Will travel about 20 kilometers open to a gas station; if one looked at high speed until close to the service area only way to refueling novice drivers only anxious, not knowing that there Is Auto insurance free to send oil service, only need to call your Auto insurance phone told to send oil service, up to twelve hours they Will be sent to thIs service itself Is free, but be sure to dig the oil money, oil money Is calculated based on the daily price of oil.

Take the free

There Take the service, if you drive a new energy electric Cars suddenly no electricity can not travel, then after linking with the insurance company that they Will come to help you charge within a certain period of time, but the service Is free.

free repair

-site repair, such as would have been good suddenly running out of the failure can not drive; do not worry, you buy Auto insurance also have free repair service, just call the insurance telephone dIscussions they Will come to repair it! But if replacement parts are required, then thIs part of the cost or to spend their own money.

Free Trailer

There Is also a free service that Auto insurance services are relatively common, and that Is draggingRescue of the Car! If you are a novice driver encountered the Car broke down, if the phone call rescue and emergency numbers on the road, that cost can be high to go! But if you call the insurance company telephone, it Is within one hundred kilometers Is free trailer service!

Finally, my friends, we buy insurance Is not just for Car accidents before they can use, remember to buy Auto insurance when the Car ran out of gas can not travel there free to send oil service, no electricity can also take the free electric service, the sudden failure of the road can be a free repair within one hundred kilometers or even free trailer are free. Do you have experience in Auto insurance free items does not know when it? Welcome Reply to comment!