Car insurance in the end to buy a few? Older drivers: in addition to pay high insurance, buy only these three Is enough

In recent years more and more people buy a Car, a lot of friends all have open on the Car, but after buying a Car, have faced a lot of overhead, both in peacetime oil money, or Car maintenance, or are all kinds of Auto insurance, but a year down spending a small fortune, thIs, many users want to know, these expenses, which are necessary, how much Is wasted money spent!

Take Auto insurance for it, really repeat itself many types of insurance, now just bought a Car about to pay a variety of Auto insurance for many novice, I do not know what Car insurance should buy and what not to buy, confusedly bought a bunch of insurance. Buy more than a burden, do not buy it afraid of an accident Is not enough to pay for thIs, old driver said: In fact, in addition to pay high insurance, buy the three most affordable, and most practical, the other Car insurance belongs to waste money.

voice of many owners, all hope after the accident, all expenses are covered by the insurance company now lost. However, if the owner does not buy non-deductible insurance, you need to bear a small proportion of compensation. If it Is a large accident compensation, even if you assume 10% of the compensation, the amount of compensation Is also likely to make you lose a lot of money. Therefore, non-deductible insurance purchase Is necessary.

third party liability insurance business, in fact thIs Is one of the important types of insurance. If you choose to buy two kinds of Auto insurance can only say that three insurance and pay high insurance. Third party liability insurance refers to incidents which caused others to personal injury or property in addition to the vehicle driver and passenger direct damage, the compensation required by the insurance company. Although thIs Is not specified not have to buy the insurance. But because of thIs effect, owners to voluntarily purchase. I suggest to buy one million large cities, small cities or rural areas to buy 500,000 Is sufficient.

There Is caustic danger, and when hIs Car suffered flood damage, lightning dIsaster and other natural dIsasters; whether it Is experiencing a crash Car or a little rub, or even appear soaked. Just buy the Car damage claims can be made are, of course, as to how much compensation, how lost we need to see specific situation!

to buy Auto insurance Is not possible, to choose, there are several other such pilfer, glass insurance, scratches insurance, etc. according to their needs, our commercial insurance when buying according to their own situation to choose the Car. Of course, feel free local tyrant!