Car insurance in several of these free services, many people may not know thIs before!

us when buying a Car, Will choose to buy a Car insurance, Car insurance, when we had a few accidents, can give a number of claims on the economy, so the Car insurance for every Car owners They are very critical.

However, in addition to the normal Auto insurance claims, it also includes several free services that can happen to you at some unexpected time to save a a lot of money.

1. Take the free service

Sometimes we go out for a long time, the Car may be parked in one place for a long time did not open, thIs time battery power shortage may, in addition to some Car battery usage time of the elders, there Will be loss of power situation, if the battery Is dead, the Car beat the fire, thIs time we surely must be the most anxious, once the case of small series to such a situation. But when it came to these need not panic, you only need to call the insurance company for a free ride electric service can be, the insurance company Will send you the use of specialized equipment to take power, Take the time required Is very short, about a minute, the Car Will be able to play angry, half an hour after the fire marked not turn off, after which the Car Will not be out of power again the.

2, free towing services

Car Will inevitably encounter some unexpected situations the road if there Is some gravel or nails, in our Car faster rolling tire to puncture these things may, in addition to sometimes bad Car in the road situation Is not without general insurance company Will have 24 hours free towing service, thIs time just want to make the insurance company’s phone waiting for help on it, if they called a trailer, the general costs Will be higher, but the free kilometers trailer insurance companies Is limited, about 100 kilometers or less so once the Car broke down, do not forget to call the insurance company called a trailer.

3, free add water, oil delivery service

encountered tank Car no water situation, we must not continue driving, continued to travel easily lead to hairMotor temperature Is too high, thIs time we should pull over and call the insurance company, they Will provide free water added services.

In addition, if the Car ran out of gas, but also do not have to run the rIsk of burning oil Is open to the gas station, call the insurance company to send them a box of oil over.

4, free fast repair services

If the vehicle Is some glitch occurred on the road, these failures are relatively easy to solve, insurance companies may offer free fast repair service, if you replace some parts in the repair process, the owner only needs to pay the cost of replacement parts.

Many Car owners to buy insurance without incident over the past year, there Is no record of insurance claims, which of course Is very good, but also spent a year in vain insurance money and these insurance companies additional services, as insured, should go to reasonable use. In addition Before purchasing insurance, we also need to make sure they buy insurance whether to include these free services.

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