“Car insurance”, I’m afraid

Accidents Will happen, people have always happens! We do not want to accidentally comes, let yourself be taken by surprIse, Will give a guarantee to buy their own! ThIs Is insured! Insurance has been involved in all aspects of our lives. Property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, transportation insurance and so on!

Insurance companies also are numerous! Today we talk about the type of insurance companies, and insurance companies are the pros and cons! Just want to combine their own experience that the next thing together of Auto insurance that suck!

Network dIstribution pattern

network with map

we all know that the Car has two insurance, to pay high insurance and commercial insurance! If you want your Car on the road, to pay compulsory insurance Is must be 77! It Is the first US state law imposed by the compulsory insurance system. It Is a unified national premium charges by the provIsions of national unity, but to pay high insurance prices of different Car models are different, the main factor Is the number of Car seats. Ah, do not pay Will not do under the law ah!

Another rIsk Is the commercial, commercial name suggests Is present in the form of insurance. Since it Is a commercial, Is that of the individual Will buy insurance. Categories include vehicle damage, three responsible, pilfer and so on! Would have to buy their own security Is a very happy thing, but the reality Is you Will always get upset!

FIG dIstribution network

and that most people can not stand too insurer telemarketing calls! I am fortunate to have Cars broken Car travel, put your trust in a Tiananmen Square! Since then opened a period of “bond”!

sometimes was enjoying the music, the beginning of the 955 call came, I thought to call the bank does noIsy! Quickly picked up, and then hear: “Hello, I am certain one of your An JingliSo and so, I ask you ……… My company recently launched …… “Since then heard a go of it, so you buy an insurance, a financial product! You kind to her, tell her not to buy the grounds, she gave you preach, for example child, said the hype! a look at the time twenty minutes later, a good mood as early as gone!

, especially in the insurance expiring three months! We do a late dinner, vegetables cut in half, the insurance call came! big night to call that person very dedicated to pick up, thinking from the insurance expired two months also do not want to pay, I said earlier, she said. afraid you forget the date of de-Paul, say good owners have to pay! excuse to say that she had no money, she said, you do installments! ten minutes later, not finIshed! that time was ten million mud horse rushing past, no longer tolerate direct hung up! in three months, you Will receive’ve never heard of an insurance company’s phone, and certainly more than one! the closer the insurance expiration date, the more the phone, basically every day! to work, driving time, lunch time! I do thIs with the number of insured, Lost at home for two weeks, after yesterday straights pay insurance, ThIs corpuscles, dare to put into hIs pocket and bring out!

Why so many insurance companies know the owners phone, our private information as well as security to speak of it? Why so early in advance of renewal reminders, the customer Is really just afraid to forget the date of de-Paul it? Why such a crazy call the insurance company, it Will not let the customer quiet? Welcome to you wIse to express their views !!