Car insurance how to pick, it Will not be the pit it? Traffic police Tip: under one roof, these four Is enough

When a lot of people to solve the problem of food and clothing, Will be part of the savings used to buy a Car. So, the number of a Car Is increasing, most people when buying a Car, Will go to the 4S shop, but also in the Car but also give the Car insurance. But many do not know Is that the faithful Car insurance companies Is too much routine. But even if the insurance company more routine, we also need to on Car insurance. Because now so many Cars on the road, there are many pedestrians, there Will inevitably be bumps. So Once you have Car insurance, but also give the owners to bring a number of benefits. So in the end how to choose Car insurance, it Will not be pit it? Today to find out.

The first Is the insurance to pay high insurance, which Is a compulsory insurance, as long as the owner Is buying Car, it Is necessary to pay. OtherwIse, not on the license, and found traffic police vehicle, then the vehicle Will be detained. An ordinary family Car, to pay high insurance amount Is 950 yuan. And thIs insurance for most of the Car, have a certain role, if a traffic accident occurs, you can save some money for you. Car insurance how to pick, it Will not be the pit it? Traffic police Tip: under one roof, these four Is enough

The second Is third party liability insurance , the rIsk for vehicles, play a greater role than to pay high insurance. And the amount of compensation for such insurance Is much greater, generally 500,000 and one million two kinds. If everyone in the process of moving them daily, often encounter a luxury Car, then it Is recommended to buy 1 million. And each year thousands of dollars to pay premiums also can be in a traffic accident, the greatest protection of their rights and interests, reduce economic losses.

The third Is the rIsk of engine wading, for some southern rainy areas, or some basins area, thIs insurance Is very important. Because if it Is flooded, the engine Is one of the most easily damaged components. So when wading the Car, the engine damaged, with thIs insurance, you can get compensation.

The fourth special insurance Is not deductible, the insurance sounds like a very long name, many people find it hard to understand. In fact, thIs insurance Is required to purchase only after purchase of the main rIsk. Mainly because there are many of them primary insurance deductible clause, which means a loss of $ 100,000, of which 30,000 Is no compensation, but you buy special insurance Is not deductible, you can still compensate 100,000. And thIs year more than 100 yuan premium also very affordable.

So when you buy a Car, do not lIsten to how insurers flicker. Traffic police Hint: more than four insured under one roof Is sufficient, to protect life without fear. A lot of people Will let you buy some spontaneous combustion rIsk or pilfer and so on, life Is generally less than, the role Is not large, it means a waste of money.